13B Datsun 1200

13B 10K RPM

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Datsun 1200 w/ rotary engine
This Datsun 1200 was one a few rotary powered cars that were at the MSA event a couple years ago. Nothing too much in this video, but I thought the car was pretty cool.

13b turbo datsun 1200 wagon drifting DMNZ
this nutty lil dato wagon runs a 380hp 13b turbo W55 supra box an hilux diff by days end blew 3rd gear so started doing 2nd to 4th gear

Datsun 1200 coupe 12a bridgeport Rotary
12a bp rotary dato 1200, rebuilt 12a just cold start and idle

Datsun 1200 4ag stroker turbo ITBs
Datsun 1200 4AG stroked .turbo with ITbs Motec