infiniti q45 vs gmc envoy

me ('93 q45) vs drag (envoy) three races

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Envoy Trail Blazer Spark Plugs and Coil Pack Change. The quick and dirty
GMC Envoy or Trail Blazer Spark Plugs and Coil Pack Change. The quick and dirty

Envoy vibration problem
I have a 04 gmc envoy with a strong vibration problem due to hydraulic motor mounts the problem is that hydraulic mounts don't take the weight of the engine and for some reason they fail in mater of days if replacing the mounts always get the solid rubber ones auto zone has them so if vibration replace mounts first another thing if vibrates on drive only replace passenger side if vibrates on reverse replace driver side and if vibrates either one replace both

GMC Envoy problems
Having issues with a 2005 gmc envoy, seems to be down on power or not downshifting properly. UPDATE 3/26/15: The problem has since been fixed, clogged catalytic converter was to blame, and a misfire was discovered which probably clogged the cat.

Drift session interrupted by CHP with Q45 & Miata
Just tearing up some tires on private property :) I drove my 5-speed q45 (no ebrake, blown viscous diff, and bone stock open diff miata first round, Rolando drove second round of miata! Thanks for watching, please share this! Xcessive makes Q45 Performance parts now! Check them out! I used their engine mounts in this video. souped up ecu for 30+ hp in use!