399HP on Jack Sacchette's Engine Dyno

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Julio Moreno 2332cc

VW 2275 test.
Testing the carbs after cleaning.

2276 cam break in
after 4 years of abuse the motor was Dyno'd pre teardown it made 121.7 bhp upon stripdown a flat cam and damaged lifters were found a rebuild ensued with new cam, lifters bearings, this is the cam break in of the rebuilt 2276. 40x35.5 ported heads engle fk8 autocraft rockers porsche rods welded offset ground 82mm crank duall 44's 9.6-1 comp.

vw open 2009 hawaii pauter
heikki vags new racer from hawaii, pauter big block, terminators, etc. this was a shake down pass.