Mini JCW vs Mini Cooper S Los dos modelos más deportivos de Mini juntos en un circuito de Karting. Suena tan divertido como es...

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AUDI A3 1.8 SPORT DSG7 vs. MINI COOPER S AT6 Mods: A3 - downpipe, intake apr carbonio, mapa apr stage 1 (stage 2 nao disponivel pra ecu apesar de ter o DP) MINI COOPER S 2.0 B48 com piggyback JB4 - BETA

Mini JCW vs BMW M5
Perranporth Drag and Drift 16/7/16

Fifth Gear - MINI Cooper S vs. VW Scirocco Mk3
Fifth Gear's Jason and Tiff pits the MINI Cooper S and VW Scirocco Mk3 head-to-head on the track

My Mini Cooper Upgrades: Making A Mini Cooper Faster
These are the power and performance upgrades I have on my Mini Cooper. The bigger turbo, bigger Exhaust, cat, muffler, bigger air filter, front mount Intercooler, and the removal of a lot of the things that give a quieter ride makes the car go faster. Better tires and rims help put the power to the road. Inside a better stereo keeps the engine droan from being noticed at the few speed where she had a bit of droan. The Garrett GT28RS turbo does make a LOT of Boost, more than I could handle, but I'd rather be tuning for what she can handle rather than longing for more. I also have an Alta / Cobb Accessport for tweaking the ECU to deal with the extra air. My Rims and tires: /04/