Volkswagen SP-2 1972-1976

Sportovní kupé od VW Brazilia

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Volkswagen SP2
The Volkswagen SP2 has been produced in Brazil since 1972. It wasn‘t planned to export this sporty coupe. Therefore, there are only a few models to be found in Europe. Ab 1972 wurde in Brasilien der Volkswagen SP2 produziert. Dieses sportliche Coupé war nicht für den Export bestimmt. Daher gibt es in Europa nur sehr wenige Exemplare.

VW SP.2 + Bonito + Puma 1600 GTE-S , Beautiful Budel 2013 aircooled festival
Some specials with VW aircooled engines fitted , as seen on this big event in Budel , The Netherlands aka holland.

The Legend - Volkswagen SP2
Sport car VW SP2 from Brazil. More details visit

Volkswagen sp2
volkswagen sp2