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Instagram: @egirled this is an updated vid of my 2001 murdered out saturn sc2. i did all the work myself. ive probably dropped only around $3000 into aftermarket parts. check out my other vids and my cardomain page. cardomain:

Racing my Turbo Saturn at Redline Time Attack.
Racing my turbo Saturn at Redline Time Attack.

Super Saturn 2.0
What is the best thing to do when you crash your $100 rally car into a tree? Yank parts from its shell and build a new one. Never before has a better Phoenix metaphor been embodied in the automotive industry. Rally Saturn. Super Saturn. Whatever you call it, this car rips through the dirt and has less than $1000 into it. Nothing better than "dirt" cheap fun. Literally.

Saturn SC2 Turbo 11 second quarter mile
This little blue Satrun SC2 was turbo charged and ran a 1/4 mile in 11 seconds at Speedworld in Arizona.