Srt 4 vs gli arrancones cardel

arrancones en cardel 25 de octubre

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srt-4 lara's back fire mopar-street
SRT-4 stage 3 450WHP BT powered by Lara Racing Mexico Mopar-Street

A Farewell to my SRT-4 and a Welcome to my VW GLI (READ DISCRIPTION!!!!)
This is a tribute to my poor skittle (2005 Dodge SRT-4 "Katrina" K.I.A. on Feb 4 2010) Upgrades were: K&N CAI, MSD ignition coil, Granetelli wires, Walbro 255 fuel pump, turbosmart Boost controller, Pioneer indash flipscreen DVD, Alpine MRD-M1001 monoblock amplifier and Stinger 1 farad cap in a custom built spare tire well rack, Monster wiring and connectors, Alpine Type-R 12" Sub in a custom fiberglass enclosure (The amp rack and sub enclosure was built my myself and my bro Chris Jones), Boston Acoustics front and rear component speakers, and an Optima Red Top battery (relocated to trunk under amp rack). MSD coil and Granetelli wires are up for sale. (Yup, I pulled them out of the car along with most of my stereo equipment) Make me an offer if you are interested!! Pioneer flipscreen is also up for sale. turbosmart Boost controller was on loan from my bro Chris Jones. IT IS NOT FOR SALE SO DON'T ASK! VW Jetta GLI upgrades: The driver. lol. Posative and negative comments pertaining to the vid are welcome. Suggestions for making the vid better are also welcome (this is my first slideshow so yes, I'm a noob) Stupid comments, comments that are completely off topic, and comments which look as though a retarded monkey typed them with it's ass will be grounds for taunting of the author of said comments. That being said... Hope you guys like the vid :-) Oh and if anyone is wondering, the Woman posing at the rear of the car in one of the first photos is my wife. So I ask that you show some respect should you decide to comment about her. Note: Should you make disrespectful comments about my wife not only will you be harshly taunted and heckled, I will have my wiccan friend put an incantation upon you that will have the fleas of a thousand camels infest your loins!

St vs gli arrancones cardel
arrancones cardel 25 de octubre

vocho vs ferrari. que chinga le para
insisto el ferrari es un auto de super lujo,pero que chinga que el auto del pueblo le gane y con tremenda ventaja. humillante.