IS F Smoke Show

the new Lexus IS F

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Ninja Lexus isf Racing in Mexico
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Brand New Lexus IS-F Starts Smoking on Dyno (Rolling Road)
This IS-F was on the Dyno being tested for horsepower, when on the third round (that I saw) the clutch went out (or something mechanical went wrong). The passenger of the car ran out and checked the back, as smoke poured out. It was hard to see exactly what happened, but you can hear the clutch (if it was one) going out at the end. Great car, it was unbelievably loud down there. Tags: Lexus IS-F F V-10 Power 400 horsepower BMW M5 Competitor Power Dyno Test horsepower Engine Sound Revving Exhaust Note Blown Clutch Fried Broken Tires Shredded Smoke

Timo Glock riding Lexus IS-F on the racetrack
Timo Glock tried out IS-F on the track. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Moscow Lexus IS-F
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