1969 Triumph Herald 12/50 convertible

Getting Married ? Rent a Truimph convertible , but to do that in February ??

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Triumph Herald 13/60 Overview.
Classic Car Choices looks over the Triumph Herald 13/60

1960 Triumph Herald 948 Convertible & Engine Sound on My Car Story with Lou Costabile
On "My Car Story" we're at a FuelFed Coffee & Classics Car Show in Winnetka IL on 9-25-16. We're looking at a 1960 Triumph Herald 948 Convertible with a one year only 948 CC engine. The car's Owners are Tim & Carole Olson. Tim shares “I like to collect cars nobody else has.” This car fits the description. This car won “Best in Class” at the British National Car Show in Hot Springs Arkansas in 2015. He restores the car himself and of course friends who can help. I find the details involved to getting a car to look like it just came off the show room floor fascinating. ENJOY!

219. Triumph Herald Convertible (cut-down) MOV01B.m4v
Here is a nice example of a 1966 Triumph Herald. This car was apparently originally the standard basic sedan model however it has been cut down into a convertible, and a fairly nice job made. Factory made convertibles had a smaller back seat and the roof when opened, folded into a cavity between the seat and the sides of the car. The hardtop coupe had the same smaller back seat. (still able to fit 2 friendly adults) Triumph Heralds were never very common and a small handful of removable hard topped coupes, convertibles and estate wagons were also made. They came out between 1959 and 1971 and were pretty much the last cars even in 1959 to have a FULL CHASSIS. Therefore they can be cut down to a convertible without need of ANY additional strengthening. Looking at the angle of the front seat-backs, which are at a fixed angle with respect to the seat's base, I think they have lost the rubber blocks off the bottom. Two specially shaped rubber blocks under the rear of each front seat, gave an assortment of seat heights and angles. If I had seen the car's owner I would have asked for a more thorough look at the car. Mine had nagging trouble with the electrical system for several years. Turned out the DC generator's 2-bobbin voltage/current regulator needed adjusting. I had repaired or replaced every other component, but hadn't touched the regulator, as, according to my workshop manual "the regulator is adjusted at the factory, and NEVER needs adjusting". After that experience I used to routinely check the operation of regulators on all cars I subsequently had, and my friends cars, which had DC Generators. Every car with the exception of just one, required the regulator to be adjusted, to bring voltage within spec and reduce flat-battery problems. I think my workshop manual's definition of "NEVER" came from the same dictionary John Howard (Australian PM) used when he said "No GST, Never Ever" sjortly before bringing in a Goods and Services Tax (VAT). Later cars were fitted with 3 bobbin regulators, but all Heralds had DC Generators. Early models came out with a 1,200 cc motor (a budget version was initially also available at 1,000 cc) and the last few years had a much improved 1300 cc engine with an improved Stromberg Carburettor. There were also options of higher performance models known as a VITESSE which had 6 cylinder engines, in 1600 cc or 2000 cc versions ( the 2,000cc being basically the same engine block as in the Vanguard-6 and Triumph 2000). Gearboxes were always a 4 speed manual although 6 cylinder models had a very rare option of electric engaged overdrive giving 6 or 7 forward gears in total. (probably a Laycock de Normanville, but not sure) Note the Triumph Herald was the 4 seater family sedan version of the SPITFIRE 2 seater sports car and shared many of the same mechanicals and as far as I know, chassis. The Triumph Herald evolved from the earlier Standard 10, a 4 seater, 4 door sedan of monocoque construction, which was available with an optional semi-automatic transmission known as "StanDrive" that used a conventional manual gearbox but with an automatic clutch. I still have a Standard 10 workshop manual which tells about the StanDrive system. This was filmed at about 3.15 pm at Eastgate Shopping Mall in Linwood, Christchurch, New Zealand, Tuesday January 8, 2013.

Triumph Herald 0-60 - Taunus 2800cc V6
Some footage of dave discovering that the Herald timing is out by a considerable amount after the recent minus temperatures!!