Martin Stamatis - 4.60 325.85 mph - Qualifyer #2 - 2008 Springnats

On board footage in the office with Martin Stamatis' top fueller - Qualifyer #2 - 2008 Springnats - 4.60 325.85 mph

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Phil Read's last test run at the WSID Nitro Champs May 3, 2009
This is Phil Read's last test pass (after the finals) at WSID from the 2009 Nitro Champs. While he shut off early, the footage gives a different perspective of the engine and ride from the on-board camera mounted on top of the roll cage looking backwards.

Martin Stamatis 4.577 329.10 mph (529.63 kmh) drag race
Western Australian Martin Stamatis became the fastest Australian drag racer at the recent Sydney Summernationals on Saturday February 16 when he blasted his Fastlane Software Jim Read Racing top fuel dragster to a top speed of 329.10 mph (529.63 kmh) down the WSID quarter mile. The fastest speed recorded by an Australian on Aussie soil was previously held by his team mate, Phil Read who ran 329.02 mph (529.51 kmh) at the 2006 Boxing Day International Top Fuel Challenge. Although the margin may be minimal to some, for Stamatis the speed was a great personal achievement for him and his hard working team, and the 4.577 second ET from the run is also now only just behind Phil Read's personal best of time 4.571 seconds, leaving the entire Read team really pumped. Stamatis and his team then went on to win the meeting, and are now looking forward to the next top fuel round due to be held in Sydney on May 2 and 3.

Martin Stamatis all runs combined in-car montage from the 2009 Winternationals.
Martin Stamatis all runs combined in-car montage from the 2009 Winternationals.

Martin Stamatis 4.62 #2 qualifier run April 2, 2009 WSID Nitro Champs
This is Martin Stamatis' 4.62 second qualifying run at the 2009 Nitro Champs held at WSID on April 2. This run put Stamatis into number 2 qualifying position just behind his Jim Read Racing team-mate Phil Read who ran a 4.56 to top the list.