New 417ci CHI engine (351 cleveland drag)

This is my new 417ci CHI cleveland based ford. On 98 octane pump fuel with out of the box heads,manifold and 1050 dominator carb it went 682hp @7k and 585ft/tq @5k. Nothing exotic or trick other than a solid roller camshaft. This was the virgin startup and never got a vid of a pull sorry. Going into a 3550lb XD Falcon.

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RCS 432 CHI Ford Cleveland 2013 Engine Masters Dyno tuning session
RCS 432 EFI Ford Cleveland 2013 Engine Master Dyno test session at RCS 750 HP and 660 Torque all in by 6,500. Pre testing before the 2013 EMC.. Experiencing Dyno problems below 4,600 rpms, the Dyno won't pull or hold the engine down to the 3,000 rpm level needed for the Challenge. Experienced absorber seal failure and had no idea what was going on with the engines power from 3,000 to 4,500, the demons are out again for RCS, no it's our fault, but next year we'll come loaded for bear. The Cleveland has 11.5 -1 CR and runs on pump gas, creating 750 HP by 6,500 and 660 lbs. of torque. Later testing revealed 790Hp @ 6800. The Cleveland is equipped with a set of RCS/CHI CNC Cylinder heads and intake by RCS. Our biggest problem is having the time to build an engine for the EMC with the ongoing shop work, it is very difficult for most I'm sure.

408ci Cleveland V8 Dandy Engines
Johnny's naturally aspirated 408ci Ford Cleveland small block V8 street engine punches out over 700hp on premium unleaded on the Dandy Engines Superflow Dyno. The engine will be going into a Falcon street car. Creative Commons license Music: Severed Fifth

Stewart Gibson racing 351 Cleveland
Eastside Speedway

Boss 351 Engine Running on Stand
351 Cleveland engine running on engine stand (Feb. 2, 2012 Lolo, Montana)