2008 VW Caddy 1.9 TDI LIFE Full Review,Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour

For more in depth reviews check my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/avtomobil... Filmed by: Tomaž Kožar Jesenice With the Australian car market more crowded than almost anywhere in the world, the latest game for car makers seems to be re-inventing market segments, the latest to do so is Volkswagen with the Caddy Maxi, which apparently re-invents the small van segment. The VW Caddy Maxi is a stretch version of the market segment leading Caddy small van, which the German manufacturer says is aimed at "tradesmen, courier services and service providers requiring a very high load capacity in a compact van". Compared to the regular Caddy, the Maxi has been stretched from 4.41 metres to 4.88 metres by adding 320mm to the existing model's wheelbase of 2682mm and extending the rear overhang by 150mm. This has created an extremely spacious vehicle with up to 4200 litres, up from 3200 litres, of stowage volume, and makes the Caddy Maxi one of the largest models among the compact vans and small transporters available. With a load capacity of up to 4.2 m3, an 810-kilogram payload, up to 1500-kilogram trailer load and load area up to 2250 millimetres long, depending on the interior configuration -- these are all record figures in this segment. There are three powertrain combinations on offer; a 75kw/148Nm 1.6-litre petrol engine with a five-speed manual gearbox, and a 1.9-litre turbo diesel engine with either the five-speed manual or VW's unique six-speed DSG, manual/auto gearbox. Most frugal of all is the manual TDI, which returns an official combined ADR, figure of just 6.1L/100km and as CarAdvice has already spent a few days at the wheel of the Caddy Maxi we can confirm that figure is entirely achievable. Of course load the van to its maximum and the figure will rise, but should still provide any commercial operator with a very sound financial argument for going diesel. The TDI also gets a few more goodies than the petrol, for some reason that cannot really be explained cruise control is standard on the diesel but an option or the petrol, at a cost of $495. Among the standard equipment are dual sliding doors, driver and front passenger airbags, semi automatic 'Climatic' air conditioning, height adjustable driver and front passenger seats and heat reflective glass. Caddy Maxi comes with ABS braking, plus traction control and engine braking control (EBC) as standard, while electronic stability program (ESP) is offered as a $650 option, which also comes with a brake assist system and trailer stabilisation (when chosen with a tow hitch). VW says a major factor in the great success of the Caddy is its functional and comfortable design. For this reason, the interior concept has been passed on, unchanged into the Caddy Maxi.Driving the Caddy Maxi in its natural environment, that's around the city on freeways and even into an industrial area to load it up with cargo shows that it is a vehicle that works well. The dual sliding doors mean access in a loading area is not restricted to one, possibly dangerous side, and the rear barn doors, which can be exchanged at no cost for a tailgate, open to 180 degrees, allowing the rear cargo space to accept a full Australian pallet.This may not mean much to many but European pallets are a smaller size to Australia pallets and it's often the case that Euro LCVs won't accept the more substantial "aussie" item. Driving the Caddy Maxi, like the regular Caddy, is a very car like experience; sure the rearward visibility is limited but the underpinnings and pretty much everything from the A-pillar forward is straight from the Golf. In fact, looking forward, I had to keep reminding myself that there was a bit more behind me than your average Golf hatchback!

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A life of opportunities - living mobile is a short movie I now have made after getting over 700 000 views and comments on my first video "how to build a mobile home in 20 days". This movie is about how opportunities in life get to you by living mobile. I am an entrepreneur who thought I had to live in a house for making room for a lot of things. Today I live in a smaller car having a much bigger life. I visit exhibitions all over the world for marketing my new invention, dotons - the button cover. http://www.dotons.com The first video I posted got more than 440 comments from people asking about this life, and I feel I want to get back to you as promised with a new video showing you that you can create almost everything by just letting you know! I had no experience of how to make a van conversion but I managed. I bought a used VW Caddy Maxi (a longer VW Caddy) to get benefits such as easy parking, low fuel consumption and most important to pay as less for the vehicle as possible. I had no experience of a life like this. Some people I talked to told me the best would be to buy an already customized campervan. First of all I had no money to afford that, second I got this feeling that making my own van would feel so much better. When creating things I always seem to use parts not necessarily been made for what I actually will use them for. That way of creating makes me not saving time, but money. And I always feel having more time than money in my life - which feels so good. So instead of buying a sink at the campervan store, I go to IKEA to buy a stainless steel bakery dish - saving a lot of money. I find it very creative and enjoy to use things in different ways. Therefore this van is a low cost mobile home. Made with things you can buy from any local store, such as IKEA, Bauhaus etc. As I said I got a great respons on my first video, with now more than 700 000 views, and comments with questions about doing a better video, with more explanations and without "shaking the camera" so much. First of all I have to say thank you for all feed back I have got! I listened to what you felt, I made changes to improve the van, which I hope you will notice in this video. I enjoyed reading all comments(: You made me feel happy for being able to inspire and I will try to guide you through how I built the mobile office in another video with, as you wanted to have, more explanations and more "how to". Today I am travelling around in Europe. If you want to see more of this you are welcome to visit http://www.dotons.com I also want to say Thanks to all nice helping people at: www.volkswagen.com www.bauhaus.com www.ikea.com www.eloventab.se www.mekonomen.se www.dragsplat.se www.sunwind.se List of items that I used for building my van: Insulation/walls/roof/floor/doors: http://www.bauhaus.se/cellplast-s80-6... http://www.avego.se/produkter/isolati... http://www.bauhaus.se/osb-skiva-11x11... http://www.bauhaus.se/ek-3-stav-robus... http://www.bauhaus.se/probau-fogskum-... http://www.bauhaus.se/eton-176-gra-40... http://www.bauhaus.se/cascoflex-golv-... Electricity/Solarpanel/Regulator/Battery: https://www.blocket.se/uppsala/Hogeff... http://www.sunwind.se/product/show/?i... http://www.sunwind.se/product/show/?i... Fridge/Sink/Water tank: http://www.swedol.se/kompressorkylbox... http://www.ikea.com/se/sv/catalog/pro... http://www.bauhaus.se/vattendunk-25-l... Music: Guitar Sound, Clutter http://ronaldjenkees.com Kategori Människor och bloggar Licens Standardlicens för YouTube Nils