Holden V8 Rear Main Seal Installation.mp4

Plenty of theories about how to best install a rope rear main oil seal in the Holden V8 block from the HJ model years through to the last ones produced in the VT Commodores. We've found this to be the most fool proof procedure. A bit long winded perhaps, but if you do it this way your rear main seal will not leak.

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Project Engine receives a new cam
After grinding several cams which may be used in our Project Holden EFI V8 engine we pulled the stock cam out. After cleaning old gaskets and preparing the new cam, we installed the new cam, and new timing set. New lifters were fitted along with some LT-1 valve springs to increase spring pressures to handle the extra valve lift, duration and aggressiveness of the lobe design. Lifter pre-load was set and reassembly begins so we can move to install the engine back on the Dyno and test the results.

Installing Rope Seals
Description and installation of the crankshaft rear oil seal.

Chevy 1 Pcs Rear Main Seal Installation
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COME Racing assembling the short block and more...
After machining everything you are ready to assemble the engine. A few hints on how to do certain checks to ensure everything goes together correctly. Measuring clearances, cam dial in, lifter preload setting etc.