Blown V8 powered AMC Pacer

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1973 Purple Blown AMC Gremlin
Bill Ray taking his Gremlin out for the first time in 2015

GLD - Sunday TnT - AMC Pacer - 9-22-13

Schwag 's ride in Pacer X w/Shawn at 5-19-13
schwag gets a ride in shawns pacer x limerick,pa

Turbocharged LS V8 AMC Gremlin visits LV Cars and Coffee
First time we heard about Lehigh Valley Cars and Coffee, so we decided to take a trip down. First the drag radials rubbed, so we put more air in the air shocks. Then the air shocks exploded, so we put the small tires back on. We eventually made it and ruined the atmosphere of the meet.