Civic Drift.. Cool

It's really cool... when you see FF car drift so smootly....

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[ENG CC] Drifting FWD Civic EF Hatch HV36
miroshi's Integra Type R #1920 homepage: Tao Hideto a.k.a "F-Dori" drifts with FWD Honda Civic SiR EF Hatchback. Who said that front wheel drive can't drift? Watch this!

yoshimura takuya drift his EG9 civic

Who Said FWD Can't Drift?! | DC5 Front Wheel Drive FF RSX Drift
Who said it's not possible? Yes it is! Here's a DC5 RSX doin' it! Just need some high grip tires up front and low grip on the rear! Have the rear toe-out and obviously you need a good LSD! Check out our other videos: Like us on Facebook: Stay up to date by SUBSCRIBING!

GT5 Eiger Nordwand Spoon CIVIC EK FR Drift t500rs