Ford Maverick 1.000FPS - SLOWMOTION

Ford Maverick 1.000FPS - Super Câmera Lenta

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Maverick V8 Aspirado XTM Andrey Jasper - 3ª etapa Paranaense de Arrancada 2011

Drag Racing MAVERICK Suspension FAIL
This racer was having a bad day when his Ford Maverick went over one time then ass into the wall. He did a hell of a job off trying to reel it in but it appears something may have broken in the rear suspension.

Maverick V8 nitro - Andrey Jasper - 1ª etapa Arrancada Força Livre 2014

Maverick Drag Car
Me racing my 70 Maverick at Milan Dragway. With a built 302, I run 13's but I want to change a few small things to run faster.