First Gear Trucks (READ DESCRIPTION!)

Here are my first gear trucks! Hope you like the video. Most of these trucks have been made by me. Like the Curbtender and Scorpion. I did modify that Ray Bros. hopper to made it shorter. I will eventually have an Amrep octo in my fleet. This is probably going to be my only FG video. Tell me which was you favorite truck! NOTE: I am stopping voting since I feel like it is wrecking the surprise of what will come next. Hope you enjoyed the video! And Jaccob, if you see this, I hope you like the Curbtender and scorpion! Check out my new Website! Check out my facebook page!

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Before summer ended, Mr. Big Trucks visited the local swimming pool for some fun in the water. Diving in, under water, swimming around...all captured with a new GoPro camera! What do you think?! See more of MrBigTrucks101 awesome videos and all the fun we have here: Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook and see more of our videos here: MrBigTrucks101 is all about finding totally awesome trucks and tractors, dynamite diggers, amazing airplanes, super sea craft and boats and really anything else with a loud engine and big wheels. We also like to find some entertaining cats, dogs and other pets that you and the family can watch.

R/C Garbage Truck Packing!
The Norba RL35 model performing three compaction cycles, then driving away. Havn't made any big progress since my last videos. The main difference is that some of the lights are working. Left to build is the container hoist system, and new side panels for the container. Hopefully that will be finished within a few months,, hopefully! ;-)

McNeilus Tag Axle Rear Loader
A McNeilus Tag Axle RL collecting bulk waste in Golden Gate, FL

First Gear 1:34 Scale Custom Garbage Truck - Mack "R" Series w/ McNeilus Rear-Load
Here's a custom piece I made a few months ago. I took the cab and chassis from a First Gear Diecast 1:34 Scale Mack "R" Series cement mixer and fitted it with the body from a First Gear Diecast 1:34 Scale McNeilus Rear-Load garbage truck. I custom painted it in the old school Waste Management paint scheme and logos. This project took me about 4 or 5 days from start to finish! I also did some custom work on the body itself, making the packer mechanism and ejector panel functional!