Drag Race 426 Stroker Dodge Dakota 7.83 @ Music City Raceway

First pass on 426 stroker at the local track Music City Raceway, This is a 1/8th mile pass. Fully street legal, and street-able.

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426 Stroker Dodge Dakota 1/8 mile 7.68
At the track in Bowling Green Kentucky, louder doesn't mean faster. As the open pipe Camaro next to me is about to find out

dodge dakota 5.9 turbo "one bad son of a gun"
hillman michigan drags 2013 a very nice truck, sorry i cant remember his time or speed

1997 Dodge Dakota out runs supercharged mustang
1997 Dodge Dakota out runs supercharged Mustang

Mopar 426 small block stroker on test stand
Freshly built 360 small block Mopar stroked to 426 cubes on engine break-in stand. This is after cam break-in with mufflers and oil change/valve lash. Pump gas engine going in Original paint 78 Lil Red Express truck. Should be strong!