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Drag Race 426 Stroker Dodge Dakota 7.83 @ Music City Raceway

First pass on 426 stroker at the local track Music City Raceway, This is a 1/8th mile pass. Fully street legal, and street-able.


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426 Dodge Dakota Drag Racing & Fuel Pump FAIL
Went racing Saturday June 30th at Music City Raceway. That night was our tracks National Dragster Challenge in which all classes were racing for the coveted "Wally" Trophy. I had my sights on mine raced into thhe night and it was only 8 seconds away. The time and date stamp on the video is incorrect

RLD Performance 600 HP -+ 426 Hemi
Late Model 426 Hemi engine Dyno session. Check out my website www.rldperformance.com for your performance needs.

Dodge Ram Cummins super turbo diesel truck testing!
Dodge Ram Cummins super turbo diesel truck testing at Edgewater drag strip test and tune. Check out my channel for more drag racing action!

dodge dakota 360 drag truck 1
1988 dodge dakota for sale on panama city, fl craigslist #1

Dodge Dakota Test and Tune
Big Block Mopar

1970 Plymouth Roadrunner 500 cui stroker vs 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner 426 Hemi
Hot rod reunion 2012 Malmby

http://www.kennedyperformance.com AMC 360 ENGINE CUSTOM BUILT AND Dyno TESTED BY KENNEDY PERFORMANCE, LLC (859)258-9131

Dodge Dakota 318 Vs Mustang 5.0 @ Street Races
5.0 wins.

Indy Mod Man Intake 3x2BBL 452 Cubic Small Block Stroker
This is of of the most misunderstood intakes for small block mopars. It would help if the maker Indy Cylinder Head would do more then just toss it out and say here it is. This vid was made shortly after the realease of this manifold several years ago and there is still little praticle usable info on these intake manifolds and the countless ways they can be setup other then alot of very vague information...why Indy Cylinder Head? This intake can be made/modified to be as subtle and easily driven as a oem 2bb motor or at 7k in this vid or chipped at 7700. It can be modified for many needs. If you think the oem edelbrock is a good manifold and it is but if you have exceeded its limits, this is a great option to consider as I have ran std oem as well as highly modifed factory units. It is also a good manifold for Nitrous oxide plumbing, although due to the casting quality most should consider a couple self resetting Nitrous pro flow releif valves for various reasons. This manifold is plumbed, although not used or needed in this vid. The key to make this manifold work is to understand what you are building and how the parts work together. Do not expect wonders with this intake from the box, the casting quality is so/so, the ports will need work to fit your needs as they come delivered small and rough (which is understandable being a one base fits many, type manifold). This is not the type of the days of old manifold where you could pull it from the box and install and expect semi good results. This is not an new idea, its a improved idea of a open plenum 3x2 removable top manifold used on some 351 Clevlands 30 years ago, not the exotic Bud Moore Nascar type removable top intake but a more street minded intake with a removable top for different apps. although it had some runner length and the open plenum was of less volume. Please excuse me for not knowing the maker, although I was allowed to take pics of it. Ford pioneered the semi modern tri power concept, GM played with it and Chrysler perfected it. Ford passed the ball when nascar killed there 366/360-6 3x2 program. A move im sure Ford regrets to this day. This vid was made on a CLOSED road, the lights ahead were not for me, they schedule closures to move large ind. production pieces from on part of the plant to another. This vid is the result of well matched parts in a semi pro touring type modified car, please use caution whenever testing and use proper safety gear and good luck! And lastly, use common sense, do not expect 7000-7700 RPM on a 35 year old pushrod motor without the use of good quality MATCHING parts.

1970 dodge Charger vs Dodge Dakota r/t staged drag race 5.6sec 8th mile

Drag Racing Dodge Dakota vs Chevy Nova
Bracket racing my truck at the local dragstrip "The Hill"

426 stroker barracuda
69 small block barracuda,magnum roller motor stoked out to 426 cubes with a kit from hughes engines,backed by a 4 speed.just taking off in second gear as it revs realy quick.quality is a bit off because of wind and the gopro camara.

426 HEMI STROKER- Rumble Bee
Arrington 426, 11.1 compression, 227/235 cam, Flaco tuned- 46x rwhp, 47x rwtq

Monster Energy: Ballistic B.J. Baldwin - #RECOIL
How do B.J. Baldwin, a 850-horsepower Trophy Truck with 34-inches of suspension roaring pell-mell across the Mojave Desert at 150 miles an hour doing things that just really are not conceivable, a dazzling damsel in distress and her diamond in the asphalt D-Sport automobile, the big neon glitter skyline of Las Vegas and one of the most opulent hotel/casinos on The Strip all end up in one atom-splitting, retina stinging, mind blowing piece of incandescent cinematic magic? Good question. And one we can't answer. However, even though it is April 1st -- this is no joke and today Monster Energy flips the switch to light up cyberspace with the short film #RECOIL. Filmed by Tempt Media. Follow Monster Energy: http://www.facebook.com/MonsterEnergy http://www.twitter.com/MonsterEnergy http://www.instagram.com/MonsterEnergy http://www.MonsterEnergy.com

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1998 Dodge Dakota R/T twin turbo: 9.890 @ 157.890
Will Danley, Engine: 440, Turbos: 75mm Tires: mickey thomason

1988 Dodge Dakota Pickup: 10.396 @ 128.240
Dahrl Clark, Engine: 340 Mopar, Tires: ET Drag slicks

2003 Dodge Dakota R/T: 10.500 @ 131.050
Kevin Johnson, Engine: 408, Supercharger: Garret GT4276 Turbo Tires: MT ET Drag 28

1999 Dodge Dakota R/T RC Turbo: 10.571 @ 127.980
Duner, Engine: 5.9, Supercharger: na Turbos: T76 Tires: Hoosier 29x12.5x15 slicks

1987 Dodge Dakota short bed: 10.610 @ 127.300
Mallory Kenney, Engine: 446, Tires: 13x31x15

1992 Dodge Dakota R/T: 10.620 @ 125.640
Byron Kroll, Engine: 360 MAGMUM STD. BORE, Tires: 15X3.5, 15X10- 26

2000 Dodge Dakota R/T: 11.179 @ 120.910
Ed Morris, Engine: 363 Magnum, Turbos: Turbonetics TO4E 60-1 Tires: Hoosier QTP rear - MT ET fronts

1993 Dodge Dakota : 11.230 @ 121.600
ROBERT, Engine: 3.9, Supercharger: NONE Turbos: NONE Tires: 325/50-15 BFGS AND NEXXEN SKINNIES

2002 Dodge Dakota R/T: 11.310 @ 120.390
Dave Downing, Engine: 360, Supercharger: Paxton Novi-2000 Tires: 28x13.50 Hoosier QTP 28x4.5 Moroso DS-2

2000 Dodge Dakota : 11.490 @ 114.010
Corey, Engine: 4.7 liter v8, Supercharger: whipple Tires: 17 inch yokohoma

2003 Dodge Dakota R/T: 11.490 @ 116.000
chris oshenic, Engine: magnum 6.7L 408 N/A,

1999 Dodge Dakota RT VORTECH Supercharger: 11.515 @ 115.400
doug hicks, Engine: 5.9, Supercharger: VORTECH Tires: 26x11.5x15 Hoosier Quick time

1988 Dodge Dakota : 11.715 @ 113.720
Shawn Horan, Engine: 451 stroker (4.375 bore X 3.75 stroke), Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: M/T E.T. drag radials

1997 Dodge Dakota SLT: 11.750 @ 118.690
Rich, Engine: 5.9, Tires: MT ET Street 275/60R15

1999 Dodge Dakota RT vortrch v-2: 11.887 @ 113.560
doug hicks, Engine: 5.9, Supercharger: vortrch v-2 Tires: 30x12.5x15 et street

1993 Dodge Dakota LE: 12.092 @ 110.750
Michael Oellrich, Engine: Magnum 360 stroked to 426, Supercharger: No Turbos: No Tires: F 225-60-15 BFG Rad T/A - R 275-60-15 M/T Drag Rad

1989 Dodge Dakota : 12.170 @ 111.000
Mike Kollatz, Engine: 360, Tires: 275/50 Mickey Thompson

2000 Dodge Dakota R/T: 12.223 @ 109.670
Chris Connor, Engine: 360, Tires: MT ET Street 28 X 11.5 X 15

1974 Dodge Dakota : 12.573 @ 109.119
Bill Sellers, Engine: 340, Tires: drag radials

1999 Dodge Dakota RT VORTECH V-2 Supercharger: 12.587 @ 106.330
DOUG HICKS, Engine: 360, Supercharger: VORTECH V-2 Tires: MT 26X11.50-15


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