Hooper - The Greatest Stuntman Alive

Taken from the movie Hooper,Burt Reynolds plays a stuntman doing that one last great stunt,watch it,love it,buy it when they release it back into circulation like they should.

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Death of a Stuntman
In the fall of 1978, during the filming of a movie in downtown Lexington, a stunt went terribly wrong, as 26-year-old A.J. Bakunas was fatally injured in a scripted fall. WKYT's Sam Dick looks back on the accident that broke Lexington's heart. Story produced by Dick Gabriel; includes comments from ex-WKYT News Director Ken Kurtz, former WKYT videographer B.W. Blanton and Dr. Jud Chalkley, who treated Bakunas in the emergency room.

Burt Reynolds Life Story with Pearce Morgan STV Part 1
Burt Reynolds getting interviewed by Pearce Morgan on his "Life Stories" programme. Its is divided here into 4 parts. This is Part 1.


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JMV on 20/20 Free Fall From Fame