Hooper - The Greatest Stuntman Alive

Taken from the movie Hooper,Burt Reynolds plays a stuntman doing that one last great stunt,watch it,love it,buy it when they release it back into circulation like they should.

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(Burt Reynolds) Full Movie Action Thriller "R"
(In Memory of 1 of The Best Stuntmen In Movie History Mr. Dar Robinson 1947 - 1986) Adapted From A Novel By Elmore Leonard Who Also Also Wrote The Screenplay & Directed By Mr. Burt Reynolds) (Burt Kicks Ass & Takes Names In This 80's Underrated Action Flick. Also Starring Candice Bergen, Charles Durning & George Segal. (For More Info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090073/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1)

Hooper Movie Fight at Palomino club
Hooper, Ski, and the stuntgang arrive at the palomino club to find a swat convention with terry bradshaw. A fight starts over 50 cents and everyone gets thrown out. Oh, and thanx to two idiots who cant keep their sporting hero crap to themselves, comments are disabled, sorry.

The Quiet Man Fight
Probably the best movie in the world,as Orson Welles may have said during his later work doing lager adverts for carlsberg

Death of a Stuntman
In the fall of 1978, during the filming of a movie in downtown Lexington, a stunt went terribly wrong, as 26-year-old A.J. Bakunas was fatally injured in a scripted fall. WKYT's Sam Dick looks back on the accident that broke Lexington's heart. Story produced by Dick Gabriel; includes comments from ex-WKYT News Director Ken Kurtz, former WKYT videographer B.W. Blanton and Dr. Jud Chalkley, who treated Bakunas in the emergency room.