Ford F350 Super Duty

This is one monster of a vehicle. It is the f350 Super Duty which has a turbo-charged diesel V8. It is so big is hard to moneuver on normal street and roads.

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Lotus Exige 240 Cup
This is the awesome 240 Cup. It is the first and only 240 in Perth at the moment. It sounds so awesome and they are a great track car. It has 240HP and the car has much carbon fibre to help maintain light weight body based for track work.

Superleggera [LA] STRAIGHT PIPES SOUND - Start Up, Revving
This amazing Superleggera has been fitted with straight pipes and a forged engine build by Develo Pro, SA. Quick Clip I filmed recently of the sound of this vehicle after the build! Amazing V10 note!!! Please subscribe and 'like' the Facebook page;

Granturismo Sport Sound - REVVING, ACCELERATING
Maserati GranTurismo Sport revving its 4.7L V8! Stunning Exhaust note from the factory, one of only a handful of cars that sound exceptional straight out of the box!

SSR CV01 Wheels Installed on BMW M6 E63
This is a short clip I filmed as we installed a brand new set of SSR Concave wheels onto this gorgeous M6. The car isn't clean in this clip but it is a stunning car when polished! Black on black, and with this new set of SSR concave wheels this really finishes the overall look! Quality wheels for a quality car! Jap and Euro cross bread! Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for the up-coming photoshoot of this M6!