Ford F350 Super Duty

This is one monster of a vehicle. It is the f350 Super Duty which has a turbo-charged diesel V8. It is so big is hard to moneuver on normal street and roads.

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Muscle Car Burnouts
This is only a short video of some burnouts filmed in Dowerin. Hope you enjoy.

Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Nur
This is a short clip I did of a gorgeous black Nur edition R34 GTR. Only black Nür in West Australia and by far one of the hottest Japanese car's out!

The Ultimate Autobahn Stormer! Twin turbo V10 with an APR flash tune and cat back Exhaust! Mainline Dyno showed 530AWHP/840NM Torque. Built from the same engine block as the Lamborghini Gallardo with even stronger titanium internals and a twin turbo kit bolted on from factory, this is a torque machine!! This is the first time i have experience an RS6 and it is mind-blowingly quick!

SSR CV01 Wheels Installed on BMW M6 E63
This is a short clip I filmed as we installed a brand new set of SSR Concave wheels onto this gorgeous M6. The car isn't clean in this clip but it is a stunning car when polished! Black on black, and with this new set of SSR concave wheels this really finishes the overall look! Quality wheels for a quality car! Jap and Euro cross bread! Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for the up-coming photoshoot of this M6!