Shifting the 1993 Nissan Pickup After Clutch Replacement

It's a little more challenging to drive a stick with a camera! :)

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1993 Nissan Hardbody
This is a great looking truck. It has many extras. Contact Autothree to test-drive at (813) 333-3333.

1993 Nissan Pickup truck for sale, $700 OBO
This 1993 Nissan pickup has 218,000 miles on it and run great! It used to be my primary vehicle until October 2015, when I bought a Prius. This is a great little truck for hauling dirt, lumber, yard waste, etc. The clutch is pretty worn out on it and so it shouldn't be used for starting and stopping on steep hills in Tacoma & Seattle unless you get a new clutch. But for driving around Thurston county, it works great. I just drove it today to get a half-yard of garden mix dirt from Great Western, no problem. It has relatively new tires from 2014 (I'll look for the mileage on the receipt), starts easily, runs great. Things that are wrong are: * clutch slips on steep hills * It has a plywood tailgate (metal one gone long ago) * both rear taillights use red tape in lieu of the hard red plastic; * a minor dent in the front right fender * I took out the vent direction thingies (see video) so that I could clean really well down inside them (to prevent allergies) * no stereo

Nissan D21 Hardbody Transmission Swap- In Cab Shifting
First time my '91 has been driven since completing the transmission swap. In November 2012 the auto transmission crapped out on me. Using mostly junkyard parts I converted this truck to stick shift. It took a long time to get it to this point. Still have a way to go, runs pretty bad (bad gas?) and is still just a shell. This test drive is a huge weight lifted.

1994 Nissan pickup truck 19K original miles