How to reset BMW Keyless Entry

If your key can turn your car on and off but the buttons to unlock, lock and unlock the trunk do not work, follow all the steps in the video and your key will work 100%! I only have one (1) Key fob so it worked for me perfectly. If you have more than one key, I'm not sure if it will mess up the coding for the other key. Consult with your BMW Dealer for more info. STEPS: 1) Stand near your vehicle & lock it with the KEY not the remote. Wait five seconds. 2) Unlock your driver side door and get while completly shutting the door. 3) Turn the ignition to the ON position but DO NOT start the engine. Wait 2-3 Seconds. 4) Turn OFF the ignition and place the key near the gear shift. 5) Press and hold the unlock button and while doing so, press the lock button 3 times. 6) Wait 1 second and release the unlock button. The driver side door will unlock, then all the doors will unlock automatically and the interior lights will turn on. The reset has been complete! To be sure, after the reset make sure all of the buttons work! **IMPORTANT** --As soon as the reset has been done, turn on the car and leave it on for about 15minutes. This is to charge the remote with the car-- GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE!

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2012 BMW X5 35i REMOTE SmartKey Key fob Programming 66126986583
PLEASE CLICK THE CC BOX TO SEE IMPORTANT COMMENTS! Demonstration of how simple it is to program BMW key fob for 2012 X5. BMW dealer confirmed my VIN would work with a new key they could sell me. It pays to shop the BMW dealers as well as some internet parts stores because there is a wide range of pricing. Price I paid is in the video at 2:46. Update 4/20/2017: my source tells me that "for now BMW-NA has changed the rules for ordering keys online." Perhaps that is it might be somewhat more difficult to find a online source. Some dealers obviously do offer a key via their online parts store at their own dealer website. Again the purpose of this video was to explain that I did not need a locksmith or a programmer for the correct genuine BMW key ordered for this specific model, unlike what you may read at an online store with some other generic aftermarket keys that reportedly DO require all that extra hassle and expense. Sometimes you get what you pay for!

Bmw E90: keyfob (keyless entry/go)
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BMW Key Initialization Procedure
This procedure will work for all keys that are not the square style key. This is the full procedure on how to initialize your old or new keys or to add a key to the vehicle. This would be for 3 series, 5 series, X3, X5, and 7 series.

BMW Key Fob
General knowledge on the key fob. Good info that each BMW owner should know about