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suzuki samurai in mud

rich driving deep hole


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suzuki samurai in mud
rich driveing in ruts made by 44 boggers

suzuki-jimny.info Saverne 2014
Saisonstart 2014 in Saverne

Suzuki Samurai deep Mud 33" super swamper tsl SOA
Suzuki Samurai deep Mud 33" super swamper tsl SOA quebec Rally Victo www.zukrock.com

BUILD SUZUKI SAMURAI,MODIFICATION ,multiple combination,multiple truck !

Tribute to Suzuki Jimny
Amazing places this little nifty fourbie can take you...

mud fest 09 05 09 004fast joker

Suzuki Samurai (1988) Walk Around (Almost Done With Build)
Just a quick walk around showing off my hard work. Its taken a summer to get it to this point and almost everything is done. I still have double tough front axles to install and the front locker but that will wait till spring '09 6/26/2012: This vehicle has been sold. Congrats to the new owner. You got a great truck! I have some family responsibilities and we are in the process of buying a home with 5 acres so I needed a tractor for mowing and chores. The money from the samurai was invested in a John Deere 790 4x4 compact tractor with a loader and other implements. Its a sweet setup too and I am glad that I had the opportunity to build the samurai and enjoy it for a while. :^)

Suzuki Samurai Off Road
Transsmission Samurai off-road

SUZUKI JIMNY: тест-драйв в программе Москва Рулит
Анастасия Трегубова протестировала маленький танк, убийцу драконов - обновленный Судзуки Джимни.

Suzuki Samurai in deep mud, extreme offroad
Offroading in Bulgaria

Suzuki Samurai stuck on snow ice and mud 33"
Suzuki Samurai stuck on snow ice and mud 33" Super Swamper TSL quebec www.zukrock.com

Samurai rules
suzuki samurai mud bog

Suzuki Jimny - Offroad или сказ о том, как мы поломали Джимника
Небольшой сказ о том, как мы тестировали вездеходные качества Suzuki Jimny и чуть-чуть поломали его... P.S. Да-да-да... грязи уже нет, на улице -7, а снега все еще нет, так что имеем что имеем ;) Наш сайт: http://atdrive.ru , Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/atdrive , Вконтакте: http://vk.com/atdrive

Ford Bronco & Suzuki Samurai - The Giroux Boys Aaron & Evan Throwing Mud Chunks on Mud Road
Lauren and I invited some friends over to help set up " Mud Road" in one of the lower fields on our mountain. Everybody showed up !!!! Who would pass up an invite to doing "Something Really Dirty " When its finished it will be a 300yd long - 45% incline Hill Climb - It doesn't sound or look like a big challenge . . . . . until you hit the MUD !!!

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