ps3 very bad screen flicker

turned on my ps3 today and this happened. wtf. has anyone seen this before and how can i stop it, or do i have to send it to sony ?

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Sony PS3 Blinking Fix
This really works unlike the other videos I've seen

PS3 HDMI Flicker solution Part 1
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So here's the story: About a week ago my PS3 was working fine until this happened.. I've been using this console for a year and a half, and no I'm not a hardcore gamer so I don't play a lot. Soo I even tried to switch adapters and HDMI cables, yet no luck. As of today I noticed that the yellow dot blinks. I'm not sure if its's my PS3 that's about to die on me. But I'm pretty sure my HDTVs are fine. I tested the same console with 3 different HDTVs, yet the screen flickers on me! Anyone know how to analyze the problem and a solution for free or cheap?? -Regards, raysonhongrh

PS3 flickering lines with component/composite -Solution (North America)
I was getting lots of flickering until I tried this solution I found on the internet. I am using 480i.