ps3 very bad screen flicker

turned on my ps3 today and this happened. wtf. has anyone seen this before and how can i stop it, or do i have to send it to sony ?

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Sony PS3 Blinking Fix
This really works unlike the other videos I've seen

Sony PS3 Blinks & How to Fix Them | PopMech
Your PS3 is not broken! We promise! After an Exhaustive investigation into the source of the PS3's blinking problem, Popular Mechanics shows you an easy fix. For a full report, click here: SUBSCRIBE to PopMech The best in tech, science, aerospace, DIY and auto news.

PS3 HDMI Flicker solution Part 1
Please enjoy and i hope it helps, please subscribe add comments do whatever you wanna do, and if you wanna go on the bonus video please click on the link provided.

PS3 flickering lines with component/composite -Solution (North America)
I was getting lots of flickering until I tried this solution I found on the internet. I am using 480i.