lucimar-RX7 SINGLE TURBO IN 5.12

lucimar-RX7 WITH SINGLE turbo IN 5.12$ GOOD TIME FOR MAZDA RX7 ... MR.7 - WE$7$IDE TEAM

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Lucimar Vs Ken Schepers
Compilacion Final Lucimar Vs Ken Schepers Lucimar Racing - 7.13 @ 191 MPH Ken Scheepers - 7.76 @ 179 MPH

To Fast Auto Sports vs Lucimar
To Fast Auto Sports vs Lucimar

Mazda RX7 Bridgeport Single Turbo 500 HP
This is a VDO of my car ldling. It's a 96 RX 7 with a bridge ported motor and single turbo conversion.

Rx7 project turbo P.P.
MEC. Pupito racing