Ford Burnouts XR6 Turbo

Australias best xr6turbo Burnouts

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XR6 Turbo with 585 RWHP

Ford XR6 turbo smokes up! ~ SERES Engineering
Steel's Ford Falcon XR6 turbo in action at Winton Raceway. The BA puts down over 550hp on low Boost to the tyres thanks to a forged 4L Barra turbo six, larger Garrett turbo and switch to E85 ethanol pump fuel. [ SERES Engineering ] Get your track gear! Follow us on social media @ Google+ Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Performance Car Mania, Winton Motor Raceway, Australia - September 2014

Australia's Quickest BA XR6 Turbo
Phil Chain's XR6 turbo currently holds the record with an 8.4 at 166mph, but the boys had some problems getting it down the track at Jamboree and only (??) managed a couple of 9.1sec runs at over 160mph. It's a beast of a thing with a massive GT47R turbo. How soon until we see a 7sec pass from an XR6 turbo is Australia?