74 Chevy Nova Update 10 - Bare metal Doors & Epoxy Primer

I took the Doors down to bare metal (including window channels and weatherstripping channels) than did the body work. Since I like the sport mirrors look, I bought some Camaro mirrors (There are no Reproduction Nova Sport mirrors available). These mirrors were listed for the Chevy Nova. Did the retrofitting and primed with 3 coats of Epoxy primer.

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La chevy Nova de cacho (Argentina)
Esta es una chevy opus, color plata quesar, que se desarmo integra y se restauro toda, se quizo llevar a una nova. esta enfierrada.

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Painting epoxy primer '74 Cutlass' over bare metal
Here is the video on how the epoxy primer came out. This was my first time spraying and I used one of my Pops conventional spray guns, it comes out okay. I am not ready to do the body work, because I don't know how to, but I would suggest working on the body work when the car is bare metal and/or begin to do the body work over the epoxy. In this shape you are can't mess it up anymore than it is..or at least it is hard to mess it up anymore!