74 Chevy Nova Update 10 - Bare metal Doors & Epoxy Primer

I took the Doors down to bare metal (including window channels and weatherstripping channels) than did the body work. Since I like the sport mirrors look, I bought some Camaro mirrors (There are no Reproduction Nova Sport mirrors available). These mirrors were listed for the Chevy Nova. Did the retrofitting and primed with 3 coats of Epoxy primer.

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74 Chevy Nova Update 11 - Re-Epoxy Primed Doors
Block sanded the doors to see where I was at with the body work and reprimed with Epoxy primer again. Only the outer portion of the door was reprimed as the bottom inner portion does not need body work.

74 Chevy Nova Update 13 - Hi build primer Doors
I prepped the epoxied doors and sprayed my 2K hi build primer on both sides. Did each side on seperate days. Looking good.

How To Prep for Paint: Spray Epoxy Primer
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How To Paint A Car - Bare Metal to Clearcoat - Steps To Painting a Car At Home with Kevin Tetz
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