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Caterham 7

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My First Caterham Road Trip HD
Had a bit of leave recently and have been getting a bit sick of blasting round my local roads, so thought I'd take a couple of days to take my newly built Caterham 7 on a bit of a road trip. Took in quite a few well known 'big ticks', including the Black Mountain Pass, Elan Valley, Snowdonia, Evo Triangle, Snake Pass etc. Generally good weather throughout and in all an excellent trip- loving the car! This video is a collection of some of the highlights. All filmed using my GoPro HD Hero and Canon EOS 500D for a couple of shots. Its also my first go at capturing a bit of Time Lapse footage, which turned out pretty well I think. All edited on iMovie. This is my first video on YouTube- comments welcome but be gentle please! I know that the start is a bit OTT with the cliche'd music, but I can't be arsed to go back and change it as it takes an age working with HD footage!

Caterham 7 "50 years of Driving Thrills"
[High res version available at caterham.co.uk] This video is a Caterham promotional video to illustrate the 'driving thrills' of their Caterham 7 sports car, which celebrated its 50th birthday in 2007. The car shown in the video is a Superlight R400 with 210bhp.

Caterham 7 A4069 Black Mountain Pass Blat HD
Full run over the Black Mountain Pass (A4069) in South Wales in my newly built Caterham 7, heading northbound. One of the best roads I've driven on and virtually deserted- only detraction was some new surfacing being undertaken at the time on the far side of the mountain. All filmed on GoPro HD, with sound courtesy of my iPhone that was sat on my lap throughout due to the GoPro mic being a bit crap.

Caterham Rebuild
Video clips of the destruction and re-building of our Caterham 7

One of my favourite roads in the Caterham 7
A run on the Handcross to Balcombe Road

Caterham @ Sandbanks
Driving my Caterham Seven round the Sandbanks peninsula

Mike Solan races a fast Caterham at Spa from the back
In 2005 at Spa I qualified on row 7 in a Caterham MegaGrad (the fastest Class) out of 65 cars. The car wouldnt start at first, so I eventually started by bump starting it down the slight hill after everyone had passed me on the grid. It led to some interesting overtaking moves! Easy at first as the backmarkers were slower than me, becoming more difficult as I caught up quicker cars... I am available to give fast passenger laps in a Supercharged Ariel Atom 3 at Prodrive race circuit in Warwickshire, or you can drive it yourself for £99! Visit www.drivingexperiencesdirect.co.uk

Caterham Super 7 Roadster SV
A Caterham Super 7 Roadster SV tried by Speed Channel with nice excerpts on Chapman's story

50 Years of LOTUS and Caterham 7
A video from the 50th Anniversary of the Lotus & Caterham 7 Weekend in Norwich 15/09/07

RHD caterham climbing
RHD caterham is climbing for your pleasure

Caterham Seven Blat
Driving on country roads with a Caterham Seven. Better quality with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBqhuy3ccm0&fmt=18

Parade Laps of Le Mans in a Caterham Seven with Overtaking
One and a half laps of the full Le Mans circuit in a Caterham Seven. Lots of slow footge due to traffic, but some good footage none the less.

Caterham 7 - Hire one and you'll want to buy one
Quick clip of the end of our days hire of a 7 from Caterham Midlands

MAD Sunday Driving with Caterham!!!
www.bulletcampro.com The Middle Sunday during the Isle of Man TT fortnight is know as Mad Sunday. The Police close the mountain section of the course in one direction to make it one way.


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