Honda Accord Coupe 2000, H22A swap

7 seconds to 100km/h and max speed 220km/h

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Honda H22 swap into DC2 Integra - Part 1
Racing season is over so it's time to start building the next Redline track car

Honda Accord H22a swap Vs. BMW 745
Honda Accord H22a swap Vs. BMW 745

Prelude BB1 H22 Vtec Test drive Camera
Engine Stock H22A2 10,5:1 Sparks denso iridium IK22 + Magnecor kv85 Suction: skunk2 pro series intake manifold JDM SPEC Air Box from h22a7 or Prelude´╗┐ Type-S whit K&N filter. bypass valve hunder the airbox eliminate. Exhaust:Greddy Header 4-2-1, Decat custom made catback 63mm diameter internal. transmission: Exedy clutch stage 2 + lightweight flyweel 11-lbs. ECU: custom Map vtec start 4500 rev limit 8200

J30A1 Redlining (2000 Honda Accord Coupe V6)
Redlining of the J30A1 engine in a 1998 - 2002 Honda Accord 3.0 V6 Coupe and Sedan Engine Redline is around 6250 RPM Fuel Cutoff in Park or Neutral @ 0 MPH is 5000 (increases as speed does) Fuel Cutoff for the J30A1 Engine is 6500