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MPW 106 17" rims wrapped with Champiro 205/40/R17 tires. Lowered 1.7" front Lowered 1.5" rear H&R Sport Springs Tokico Illumina Shocks 5% Limo Tint Mr Lugnut tuner series lugnuts More mods to come! Engine Bolt Ons Air Intake Suggestions? 84,000km's on the car to date. Have any questions? Leave a comment and I answer them very quickly! Suggestions of my next mod? Let me know!

Crazy Accord idle and over heating
I know many of you were looking for answers as to what happened... For this video it just so happens that I had a heater hose or "coolant hose" that was rotted out because the leaking oil ate through it... So replaced the hose topped off with coolant and I was good... However that up and down idle came back but not because of any coolant leak. I even thought it was the EGR so I replaced it and that didn't fix it... I found out it was the intake manifold gasket. I replaced that and as was good. For at least 3 years. Or so,recently I had that up and down raving and I knew right away it had to be coolant since it had been awhile since I've checked it, and it was topped it off and it was good... Hope this helps to put any of you the right direction. So the cause of this issue could be idling component issues, coolant loss or low coolant, or a vacumm leak like my intake gasket.

1993 Honda Accord how to check for a bad water pum
How to check for a bad water pump

1994-1997 Honda Accord Thermostat replacement
1996 Honda Accord thermostat remove and install Tools: 1/4 ratchet 3/8 ratchet 3" 1/4 extension 1/4 10mm socket Parts: Thermostat Thermostat gasket 1 gallon Honda 50/50 Blue coolant Torque specs: 9 ft. lbs - Thermostat bolts like and share this video! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave comments on our FB page. Like us on Facebook and SUBSCRIBE!