'68 Camaro gimli mb

first time for the new engine at the track!!! Engine by Scott Shafiroff Racing Engines in Bohemia, NY Ran a 10.65 @128 MPH

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Shafiroff Racing Cylinder Head Assembly
Despite what you may have been told assembling a set of cylinder heads is NEVER just rinse and install. We take you through the processes that every set of heads go through before being installed on one of our engines or before being shipped to you.

shafiroff 582 HHR STARTUP

Tour SHAFIROFF Race Engines
Scott himself does the tour

1000 Horsepower 68 Camaro Cruising the Streets of Houston, Texas
I just totally restored this vehicle after this video. Check out the new look at the url below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rDFdcviVuw&list=UUd-xaPU2R_JvutRk5_iEILw&fe ature=share