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"Ford Ranger Wildtrak-2012 presented for sale by Team Hutchinson Ford in Christchurch. The car travelled 628 Kilometres, can be viewed during working hours from Monday to Saturday. For more information please visit"

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2012 Ford Ranger 2.2 4X4 XLT Wildtrak (High Rider, Double Cab) Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour
Hello everyone! For today's video, I have a Ford Ranger Wildtrak. Well, it seems like it is like any other Wildtrak in Malaysia, but no, this is the 2.2 XLT Wildtrak rather than the 3.2 XLT Wildtrak. The 2.2 XLT Wildtrak is an extremely rare find, so do enjoy the video!

2016 Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger - Offroad & Review
In terms of sales, Toyota and Ford have been locked in a battle for the top of the charts with the Hilux and Ranger, a feat which was impressive for the Hilux given that it was essentially 10 years old. It has finally been replaced and we gathered together the new 2016 Toyota Hilux 4x4 and facelifted 2015 Ford Ranger together for a head to head review. We took the bakkies offroad at Klipbokkop, a legendary 4x4 testing facility in the Western Cape for this comparison. Read our massive comparative test between the Hilux, Ranger, Isuzu KB and VW Amarok here: -vs-volkswagen-amarok-2016-comparative-review/42293/ Subscribe to your Youtube channel here: Interested in buying a new 2016 Toyota Hilux? Find one here: Interested in buying a new 2016 Ford Ranger? Find one here: Interested in buying a used Toyota Hilux? Find one here: Interested in buying a used Ford Ranger? Find one here: For a detailed spec sheet of the 2016 Toyota Hilux 2.8 GD-6 double cab 4x4 Raider: For a detailed spec sheet of the 2016 Ford Ranger 3.2 double cab 4x4 XLT auto:

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Ford Ranger im Test: Offroad ein echter Kerl
Endlich -- werden sich die deutschen Ranger-Fans denken -- ist es vorbei mit der biederen Optik des Pick-ups von Ford. Beim neuen Ranger sieht man nun die Verwandtschaft zu den größeren "F"-Modellen, die in den USA die meistverkaufte Pick-up-Baureihe darstellt. Unser Testfahrer Christian Jehle hat den neuen Konkurrenten von Amarok und Co im Offroad-Park Langenaltheim auf Herz und Nieren getestet. Den detaillierten Testbericht gibt es unter er-Kerl-Der-neue-Ford-Ranger_id_32000