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"Ford Ranger Wildtrak-2012 presented for sale by Team Hutchinson Ford in Christchurch. The car travelled 628 Kilometres, can be viewed during working hours from Monday to Saturday. For more information please visit"

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2017 Ford Ranger - Test Drive
Handling tested to the limit with a series of challenging loads 00:00 Equipped with adaptive handling, the Ford Ranger is capable of confidently carrying unstable loads when it’s cornering – even on a custom made slalom course, designed to test the vehicle to the full. Under these extreme conditions, with uneven loads or unexpected evasive driving, Ranger’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) kicks in. This triggers a network of communications including wheel speed sensors, then yaw, roll, and longitudinal and latitudinal sensors. These sensors alert the control system on what’s happening to the Ford Ranger, and how it’s moving. The vehicle then responds, cutting torque and distributing brake pressure to deliver more balance, more control and a more predictable driving experience. Fully laden and swerving through obstacles, wheel and steering sensors, plus rotational and acceleration sensors work together. So when a high haul and heavy load makes most vehicles prone to roll and sway, Ranger can manage the excessive rotational movement. As the steering sensor determines the intended route, ESP controls brake pressure at each individual wheel, enabling Ranger to stay on course. Whenever the conditions get difficult and the situation is challenging, Ranger responds quickly and confidently. Because that’s tough done smarter. Towing capacity and powertrain tested to the limit 01:58 Off-road and up hill, the Ford Ranger can take it all on, conquering both mixed terrains and inclines. To put that capability in perspective, the vehicle could have 2000 kilograms of mass hooked up to the front. It could then pull that load going backwards… uphill. That’s because only Ranger has Hill Launch Assist in reverse, helping to keep the vehicle from rolling down the incline as it starts driving. Here’s how it works: the electronic locking rear differential splits power 50-50, forcing both wheels to turn in unison. This means less wasted wheel spin and better maintenance of momentum. As a result, Ranger gains maximum traction and drive by locking the back axle and sending out equal torque to both wheels. In short, you get all the pulling power you need, where and when you need it most. The Ford Ranger’s powertrain also has a powerful transmission. It’s one that’s designed for an even larger truck and the force generated is like pulling up a second, vertically hanging Ranger. The vehicle can also confidently make a 45-degree ascent carrying a maximum payload of 1,240 kilograms. That’s thanks to Ranger’s exceptionally low first gear ratio of 4.17 to 1, which delivers more torque at the wheels for climbing or towing. But working at this extreme angle takes more than toughness, it takes smart design. Ranger's oil pick-up system is specially designed to distribute oil optimally. So Ranger doesn’t lose oil pressure, even on extreme gradients and when it’s fully laden. Through the mud and water, and up the mountain: Ranger delivers a powerful performance. Because that’s tough done smarter. "SUBSCRIBE NOW" "2016 2018 Review New Offroad Widtrak"

Das ist der Ford Ranger (2012) -
Mit der Neuauflage des Ranger schaltet Ford auf Angriff und bietet den Pick up nun endlich auch als weltweites Modell an. In 180 Ländern kommt er auf den Markt. Basismotor in Europa wird der 2,2-Liter Duratorq, der 150 PS und 375 Newtonmeter aktiviert. Daneben wird eine leistungsreduzierten Variante mit 125 PS angeboten. ___________________________________________________________________ Unsere, für das Video verwendete Kamera: Nikon D750 - erhältlich bei Amazon unter: mit dem neuen 24-70 mm Objektiv 1:2.8E mit Stabilisator - erhältlich unter: Die verwendete BOYA Funk-Ausrüstung gibt es hier für rund 60 Euro: Das dazugehörige Lavallier-Mikro von Rode: ___________________________________________________________________ ist ein seit 2009 existierendes Online-Magazin für Mobilien aller Art. Schwerpunkt der Veröffentlichungen liegt auf Neuheiten, Fahrberichten, Expeditions- und Reisemobilen sowie auf Messe- und Veranstaltungsberichten. Wer wir sind und unser Transparenz-Kodex: Aktuelle Tests und Fahrberichte: Auto-News: Folgen Sie uns auf Facebook: Folgen Sie uns auf instagram: Folgen Sie dem Moderator, Benjamin, auf instagram:

2012 Ford Ranger 2.2 4X4 XLT Wildtrak (High Rider, Double Cab) Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour
Hello everyone! For today's video, I have a Ford Ranger Wildtrak. Well, it seems like it is like any other Wildtrak in Malaysia, but no, this is the 2.2 XLT Wildtrak rather than the 3.2 XLT Wildtrak. The 2.2 XLT Wildtrak is an extremely rare find, so do enjoy the video!

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2017 First Look, Cambodia
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