POV Lights

Star/SVP StarBurst Phantom Split Interior Lightbar (Red/White) Galls TN Series Compact LED Dash Light

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Morty's POV FireFighter Lights
The fastest and most fun way to respond to an emergency call. Custom (self) install of emergency lights in a 2006 Hummer H3 and 1995 Chevy Camero Z28. Lights include: Mini-Phantoms, LIN3s, Sho-Me Visor Light, Sho-Me Deck Lights

Star StarBurst Phantom Undercover Lightbar
http://www.sirennet.com/svulb44-dlb.html The Star High-Intensity StarBurst Phantom interior mount lightbar is perfect for undercover or unmarked vehicle applications. With an extremely thin profile, the ULB44 series easily mounts under the center visor clips above the rear view mirror in 15-20 minutes. The ULB44-DLP utilizes 30 long-life, STAR Generation-4 LEDs to generate intensely bright warning signals. This interior lightbar also features a red "night vision" preserving map light, two angled LED sections for intersection clearing, an adjustable baffle to eliminate "backflash" from the window, and Pursuit Mode. 35 customer selectable flash patterns can be selected with the push of a button. The ULB44-DLP also includes Takedown Mode: A 30 second SuperBurst LED steady burn. Ships complete with, mounting brackets, hardware, and instructions. # Features: The Patented StarBurst Phantom is perfect for undercover or unmarked vehicle applications. # Front windshield mount, interior applications only. # Low profile -- Less than 1 inch high. # 12 foot 6 Conductor wire harness. # Installs in 15-20 minutes. # Universal visor clip mount. # Mounts under center visor clips above rear view mirror. # 30 long-life, High-Intensity, STAR Generation-4 LEDs. # Angled LEDs for intersection clearing. # Red "night vision" preserving Map Light. # Pursuit Mode: 35 Customer selectable flash patterns via push button switch. # LED Takedown Mode: All LED Steady Burn A 30 second SuperBurst steady burn is available by pushing the pattern select button while in Takedown mode. # Custom lighting color combinations available. # Preconfigured colors (Driver/Pass): Amber/Amber, Blue/Blue, Green/Green, Red/Blue and Red/Red. Specifications: # Voltage: 12V DC # Weight: 3 lbs. # Amp draw: 5.4 Amps max # Approvals: California Title 13 (Red/Blue) # Dimensions: 15/16" H X 42" W X 4-3/4" D. Call us for custom color configurations. Star/Signal Vehicle 5 Year Warranty

Video showing the Star SVP Phantom Interior Lightbar from outside and inside on a 2009 Nissan Xterra
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Door Welcome Logo Lights Installation
Installing door welcome logo lights in a Toyota Solara / Camry. Procedure is the same for any car, remove the door panel, drill a hole on the bottom and install the light, and wire up the light to the dome light. The dome light wiring was already installed from the LED foot-well lighting, so that was used as the power source. They light up only when the doors are open or dome light is on. These are 5W 4th generation laser projector lights with a Toyota logo from eBay.