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POV Lights

Star/SVP StarBurst Phantom Split Interior Lightbar (Red/White) Galls TN Series Compact LED Dash Light


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Flash Patterns - Signal SVP ULB44 StarBurst Super Phantom LED Interior Lightbar
Flash Patterns: 1 - Slow Warn * 2 - Fast Warn 3 - Superfast Warn 4 - Warn Fade 5 - Pre-pop Warn 6 - All Singleflash 7 - Alt. Tripleflash 8 - All Tripleflash 9 - Alt. Quadflash w/ Post-pop 10 - All Quadflash w/ Post-pop 11 - Alt. Quintflash 12 - All Quintflash 13 - Alt. Pre-pop Quintflash 14 - All Flicker 15 - Alt. PSU Flicker 16 - One Side Pop, Other Side Rapid Fire 17 - One Side Rapid Fire, Other Pop 18 - Comet 1 19 - Comet 2 20 - Delta Omega (Flash Rate Sweep) 21 - Slow Warn, Superfast Warn 22 - All Singleflash, All Flicker 23 - Alt. Double, Alt. Quad w/ Post-pop 24 - All Double, All Quad w/ Post-pop 25 - Alt. Double, Alt. Pre-pop Quad, Alt. Quad w/ Post-pop, Alt. Flicker 26 - All Double, All Quintflash, All Quadflash w/ Post-pop, All Flicker 27 - All Quadflash w/ Post-pop, All Doubleflash, All Flicker 28 - Alt. Pre-pop Flicker, Alt. Doubleflash, Alt. Flicker ** 29 - Alt. Pre-pops, Alt. Flicker, Superfast Warn 30 - Delta Omega, All Double, All Flicker 31 - One Output Steady, Other Output Singleflash *** 32 - One Output Steady, Other Output Short-Long *** 33 - Warn Medium (Alt. Long Singleflash) *** 34 - Alt. Short, Alt. Long *** 35 - Cycle All * Default Pattern 1 ** Default pattern 2 *** These patterns meet California Title 13 and SAE J595 specifications in the Red and Blue versions of the model ULB44. This video cycles through all 35 user-selectable flash patterns, starting on pattern #1. Pattern #35 simply cycles through all of the first 34 patterns. After pattern #35 runs for a few moments, the pattern select switch is held down until the lights blink once (about 3 seconds), which sets the lightbar back to the default pattern #1 again. Then the pattern select switch is held down until the lights blink once (about 3 seconds) then twice (after about 3 more seconds). This sets the lightbar to pattern #28, the second default warning pattern for this lightbar. Finally, the lightbar is turned off via the 3-way switch, then turned to the "steady burn"/takedown mode, then back to warning mode, where the video ends. The lightbar featured is the all amber configuration with 10 modules, totaling 30 generation 4 LEDs. This video was shot in broad daylight with full sun. This lightbar provides brilliant warning power even during the brightest day. Note that the angled intersection clearing lights (heads 3 and 8) look dimmer in the video than in real life because of the modules' angle to the camera. The Delta Omega (Flash Rate Sweep) patterns have flash rates that don't work well with the video frame rate, and to a lesser degree, so do the Fade and Comet patterns. The video is fairly accurate for these patterns, but they look better to the human eye. The rear version of this lightbar, the ULB44-1, can be used with an arrow stick/traffic advisor controller (costs extra). The rear version is designed to be hardwired through a fused switch, and the lightbar activates as soon as power is applied. There is no cigarette lighter plug or 3-way switch on the rear version.

Fire/Ems Emergency POV
This is my emergency responce gmc canyon that i use to respond to calls. It has stl g2 grill lights, a stl visor ace, and a wheelen spitfire.

Galls DL165 Interior LED Warning Light
Galls Interior LED Warning Light Model DL165, all 28 flash patterns

Cory's Firefighter POV lights
Cory's firefighter lightbars. Both available from WWW.LEDOUTFITTERS.COM

2008 Ford Mustang GT Police Interceptor
Personally owned undercover slicktop Mustang cop car working for the New Mexico Mounted Patrol. Roughly one month of planning and two months of working weekends turned this stock 2008 Mustang into a police interceptor. Siren is a Federal Signal 650 Series: http://www.fedsig.com/products/195/650_Series Lights include: 2 Whelen 4" Round Lightheads behind grille 2 Whelan LINZ6 sunk mount into side mirrors 2 Whelan ION firing 45 degrees back from rear windows 4 Whelan Vertex Super-LED strobes in tail-lights 2 Nova SD24 LEDs on spoiler for trunk up warning: http://www.911lights.com/collections/surface-mount-leds/products/nova-sd24 Sound Off Signal Pinnacle Interior Lightbar: http://www.soundoffsignal.com/warnamber/lightbars/lb_EPL8000Windshld.htm SVP Phantom Interior Traffic Director: http://www.911lights.com/products/svp-phantom-interior-traffic-director This vehicle also has a Diablo Sport Tuner, Parrot Bluetooth Interface, and Ford factory GPS. It has a police band radio and a HAM radio for monitoring Fire, EMS, and other signals. The Ham Radio is a Yeasu FT-7900R and the police radio is a Vertex Standard VX-6000 Series. Music is an instrumental version of "Invaders Must Die" by the Prodigy. This version was created by Aidami, and is available here: http://soundcloud.com/aidami/the-prodigy-invaders-must-die Thanks for watching!

Unmarked Subaru Impreza Emergency (Front Lights) POV
2007 Subaru Impreza POV ***New video 2011***This car today use all red lights http://www.youtube.com/user/rescate171#p/a/u/1/Gco0uAODRhk Front: 2 Whelen TIR 3, 2 LIN 3 (Red-Blue) and 1 Star/SVP ULB9 Mini Phantom (Red-Blue) Side: 2 Whelen Vertex (Red-Blue) Rear: 2 Whelen Quad Dominator (Red-Blue), 2 LIN3 (Red-Blue) and Whelen 90 watts Strobe kit Siren: Whelen HHS2100, Speaker: Whelen SA314P Communications: VHF, UHF, 800Mhz Trunking, CB, and trunktraker scanner Use: Vehicle for emergency services, rescue and POV responder. Location: Caracas - Venezuela Date: May 2009.

F150 pov emergency response
Walk thur of my f150 emergency lights

Seattle Fire Department Medic One M1 Responding Code 3
Seattle Fire Department Medic One M1 responding code 3 from Harborview to a respiratory call.

Morty's POV FireFighter Lights
The fastest and most fun way to respond to an emergency call. Custom (self) install of emergency lights in a 2006 Hummer H3 and 1995 Chevy Camero Z28. Lights include: Mini-Phantoms, LIN3s, Sho-Me Visor Light, Sho-Me Deck Lights

This is my own 2010 Chevy Silverado 3500hd crew cab long bed. All Whelen lights controlled by Cencom gold two 100w speakers, whelen eight head T/A(rear window),2xM9 blue, 2x M7 blue (both in grill), 2x 500series split blu/wht (on mirrors), Now for the Linz6 4x blue, 4x red, 2x white,( in wheel wells, rear side windows, and grill). Now for Linz3 4x blue 4x white (on side bars) now for VERTEX 6x white, 5x blue, 4x red 4x split blu/wht. (Vertex used in cab clearance lights head and tail lights, 3rd brake light, and front fog lights) And That's all for NOW!!

Star svp split phantom interior lightbar
Ask for more demos joesep06@aol.com

POV Fire Blue Lights
New lights in my truck, package includes; Strobe/LED Mini Liberty Bar- roof 3 Mini Phantoms- windshield 2 Dash Misers- windshield 4 Soundoff LED 3s- grille 4 Strobes- grille head light/fog light wig wag turn light strobes side LEDS 2 TIR 3s- rear window 2 LED stick lights- rear window 2 Soundoff LED 3s- rear bumper back up lights strobe

Undercover Lightbar updates front set-up Oct. 6th 2009
DEMONSTRATION VEHICLE NO I DO NOT LIVE IN A TRAILER PARK AND NO THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH LIVING IN ONE this is a video of my front warning lights. just got my new undercover visor split lightbar adds a lot compared to before. new comparison video coming soon so subscribe thanks for watching everyone

Fusion 1W Linear LED interior lightbar
FUSION Top Vizor is a great solution for Under Cover warning with out sacrificing light output. 10 modules containing Linear optics with 4 1w LEDs per module, the lightbar is sure to clear traffic and provide spectacular warning power. Unnoticeable until turned on, the FUSION LINEAR Under Cover is a perfect fit to any stealth police car. THE FUSION is a 2 piece until which mounts to your existing Sun Vizor Brackets. All brackets are included for easy installation. The two piece unit is connected by a multi-wire connector making installation more convenient. In total there are 16 flash patterns. An ON/OFF cigarette plug is included for quick installation, however the unit can be hardwired as well. Flash Pattern can be selected by pushing the side button on the unit. SPECIFICATIONS: Voltage: 12VDC Generation III LINEAR LED technology Self contained internal flasher 6 LINEAR LEDs in every module PRODUCT FEATURES: Sleek design with clear lens for stealth look 16 Selectable flash patterns Includes wire harness for easy installation Brackets included for mounting

My Fire Department POV Lights - 2004 Dodge Ram
Just a quick daytime shot of my lights on my POV (a 2004 Dodge Ram) for the fire department. My setup consists of a 4 Head (16 LED) TIR Dashlight, 2 (4 LED) Axixtech Xtreme Linear Split LED modules, 6 head strobe kit from Strobes 'N More (only using 4 strobes - 2 in the headlights and 2 in the taillights.) My siren is a 100w Federal Signal Unitrol Omega. *Note: The headlight strobes don't show up very well with the digital video camera, so I apologize.*

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