Audi S4 B8 top speed

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Audi S4 B8 70-270km/h 418PS 3,0l V6T TFSI S-Tronic Beschleunigung/Acceleration auf Autobahn
100-200km/h ca.10Sek ab 265km/h setzt der Begrenzer ein

GIAC Software - B8 S4 Top Speed Limiter Removal Testing
Here we are testing the removal of the speed limiter for the release of our upcoming B8 S4 software. This test is done with no load and is litereally just to test that we are able to pass the factory speed limiter without issue. Test recorded with a GoPro Hero HD.

Audi S4 Avant vs. BMW e46 M3
Gestern mal auf der Bahn getestet: Audi S4 Avant vs. BMW e46 M3 SMG Erst Audi dann ab 170 kmh der M3 ab 220 kommt der Audi bis 250 wieder dran. Leider noch abgeriegelt

REVO Stage 1 B8 S4 Top Speed
REVO Korea Proudly Announced B8 S4 REVO ECU. It is AMAZINGLY FAST ! Check this out !