Cobra Video 003

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Let's Play - Panzer General - Cobra - Special Edition - 003 - by MrKritik77
As always, after the first turn, we are returning the favor to our enemies. Let them bleed! Our defensive circle is under siege and will be for the next couple of turns, but this also means, we can focus on destroying the most important units at this part of the game: fighters and tanks. The very next priority is enemy's art. But that's the story for some other time... :-)

[Alarm für Cobra 11/Kobra 11] Goodbye Alex Brandt
Song: Beth Crowley - Warrior ----------------------------------------------- Goodbye Alex

Cobra gun demo with FMX 003, SIMCO ION
Contamination and static control by use of Ionizing air gun (Cobra Gun from SIMCO-ION) Distributed by Cir-Q-Tech TAKO, Asia's largest ESD control company email - hand phone +91 98401 30430

Alarm für Cobra 11 Fratzen Dia Show
Was die Polizei für Fratzen schneidet ...