My 1997 Dodge Ram 1500

V8 360 CI 5.9L engine. This thing roars, and sounds very pretty. Dual flowmaster custom Exhausts, and some little things me and my dad have added a long the way.

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1996 Dodge Ram 1500 KRC Compilation
Video of the truck with the KRC engine in it. Some stills from assembly, and from past Moparchat and DTO meets and Dyno runs. Music by The Crystal Method - Get Busy Child, courtesy of UMG who claims all rights to this song and the thousands of other videos on YouTube containing their music.

1997 Dodge Ram 1500 walk around
This is my new 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 i just got it yesterday for my first truck. It has a 3" suspension lift on 35" cooper discovery's with the 5.9 v8 in it. It has 141,xxx miles on it. I cut the muffler off yesterday and it just sounds great.

1997 Dodge Ram part2
Tight Truck, pulls only 2500 rpm's at 80 mph ( with overdrive activated) the (truck is so tightly made that there is virtually no road noise at freeway speeds and beyond. the Frame, axle, drive line, everything that counts is big on this truck, truck has a thick bump[er to bumper Full I-Beam type Frame, bought it new and put in through hell, so far i have not had a single mechanical issue, just routine stuff like brakes, oil changes, it is on the second set of tires since new 12 years ago.i haul loads of firewood, tow 2 different boats, bottom line, i bought it as a truck, to be used as a work truck, i never wanted a toy truck that looks good, i got this to be a work horse and i treat it as such, i have hauled everything from a ton of gravel to a ton of top soil and even a load of salt for a side job. i can't speak for every dodge or Chrysler vehicle but, mine has proved to be the most reliable and trouble free vehicle i have ever owned. the cost of ownership is very low because of its reliability. not a single repair major or otherwise, i guess i just got lucky with this one. actually, i know 7 proud owners of Dodge Rams, both older and newer ones, they all love them. people, bottom line is when making a video of one truck etc... that is beat and has high miles etc... is that you have to give the benefit of the doubt and NEVER assume because one particular vehicle may be crap, that NEVER means they are all crap! ANY Vehicle that is not taken care of,abused and not properly maintained for the different seasons will be like some of the dodge videos recently posted, and the asking price for them will reflect that. i may not pamper my truck but i always maintain it and top off all fluids and do regular checkups and diagnostics to make sure it is performing to specs.

badass Dodge Ram 5.9L
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