Motorcycle road rage - both mirrors lost

Reckless car driver gets punished by a motorcycle driver he nearly killed. Still the punishment would've been more severe had he left the car..

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Las Vegas: Motorcycle encounters vol. 3
Intro was courtesy of Ravenprodesign, free!! Random clips of me riding around Las Vegas. 1. My friends love me 2. Not always an asshole 3. Birds 4. Show me your tits 5. No, Nooo, NOOOO! 6. Because you asked me to Quick shout out to YummiR6 for all the suppport. YummiR6: Some guys that inspired me to get riding again: Chaseontwowheels: Jake thegardensnake: Some guys that make hilarious content that I wanted to immitate: Orcagt: Premises187: BakerXderek: Royaljordanian: Lastly, for being such an asshole whom I chose to love and hate at the same time. Mordeth13: All these guys I highly recommend watching. If you like them, tell em I sent ya please =) Thumbs up if you liked and subscribe its free!!

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ULTIMATE ROAD RAGE | ANGRY RIDER vs ANGRY DRIVER | Round 1 FIGHT | ++ Trolling KnobJockeys ++
Want to know what he did? Watch this video: When you're having a bad day I want you to come back and watch this video again to pick your mood up and give you that spring in your step your wife's been failing at giving you for the past 20 years! If you can't laugh at this video or feel the need to tell me how much you want to give me a Colombian neck tie then you probably suck as much dick as the gay cunt in this video. If your vagina is still leaking emotion because you simply hate motorcyclists for the way they make your arsehole gape, fell free to let me know by sending a message to "EatAFuckingDick@YoureAWhingingLittleGirl.Com". Otherwise, enjoy the power of editing and have a f#cking laugh. Good day to you sir! "Knob Jockey" - One who rides the penis like a Jockey would a race horse. Ps: I don't condone this type of behavior! This has probably happened 3 times over the past 10 years, which is 3 times too many IMO! The road is there to share for everyone and we we're both being arseholes in this video. !!MOAR RAGE!! \(^_^)/ See me almost actually get killed HERE: here: I Got crushed by a bus HERE: Here: Wanna see what happens when some c#nt takes out the front wheel of a bike? Skip to 45 sec here: Song: O Fortuna (carmina burana) a 13th century poem set to music by Carl Orff (1935-36) Please Ignore or flag spam, negative, or hateful comments. We're here to have a good time. Thanks everyone, and enjoy :] SUBSCRIBE to my CHANNEL LIKE me on the BookFace for exclusive behind the scenes content!! Twitter: Instagram: Still have Butt hurt? This bloke cut from the left exit ramp off the harbour bridge back on the the Eastern Sydney lane inches from taking out my front wheel at 60km/h. It wouldn't have been fun to eat sh!t again at the hand of another f#cking useless driver. I didn't have my camera on to capture the cut-off of the century so I turned my camera on to record his plate and was given the golden opportunity to pull up next to this little prick and give him a well deserved spray.

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