It's alive!!!

The new LeMon re-fires for the first time since I backed it into the garage. A 1982 Ford EXP with the 1.6 liter 4-cylinder and five-speed manual transmission.

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Modified Feature - 8/25/12 - Fairbury Speedway
On-board camera on the G73 of Scott McMichael during the UMP Modified feature at Fairbury American Legion Speedway. Several cautions at the beginning resulted in the move to single-file restarts. I spun in turn 4 when I got into the dusty middle groove, myself. Red flag for Jared Cagley's flip in the 99. Then I spun again in turn 4 on the restart. Started 15th, credited with a 13th place finish.

Nathan's Ford EXP Turbo
Video of my 1984 Ford EXP turbo. Only built during the '84 and ''85 year models. Far less than ten thousand were built. Owner Nathan Taylor. 3/2010 Recorded after it's two year long restoration. 78K original miles. A special thanks to Mike Margraf for saving this car for so many years, awaiting someone to restore it.

MotorWeek | Retro Review: '84 Ford EXP Turbo

1982 Ford EXP
46 miles per gallon in 1982?