Yamaha powered dune buggy at the drags?

Thought I would take my dune buggy to the street drags at SpeedWorld in Surprise AZ. At this event I had a 3.2L Yamaha V-6 out of a Ford Taurus SHO in her with a M-90 Eaton Roots style blower bolted to the side of the block, and pushing 8 psi. I don't have street tires for her so I ran with my BF Goodrich Mud Terrains. Didn't have a bottle warmer for the 30 shot of Nitrous so I left it off. Fastest time of the night was a 12.49 @ 110mph

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Guys vs. Girls Dune Buggy Challenge | GNARPM
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SUPER ATV http://www.superatv.com RCV AXLES http://www.rcvperformance.com MADRAM11 Clothing http://madram11productions.com Lot of people have wanted to see the rail buggies race against the rock crawlers and it was finally arranged. The event was held at the Harlan County Campground. There were only a few rail buggies who would hit the hill because it was so steep. Mark Settles in his Subaru powered buggy won the event with a rail buggy finishing 2nd and a custom polaris rzr buggy finishing 3rd.

Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MadRam11 MADRAM11 Clothing http://madram11productions.com More Incredible Videos: http://mbsy.co/cNldg ALL VIDEO IS FILMED ON PRIVATE LAND with permission to wheel this way. TC pretty much shocked everybody when he built his buggy called SHOWTIME. It's Jimmy Smith Motorsports Chassis and TC built the rest at his shop. There isn't many hills he didn't hit in this buggy in the last few months. He started breaking the 300m RCV shafts so he decided to build some new 14 Bolt axles with Ouverson Shafts and Rockwell Outers. So I can't wait to see how he treats in next.

SUPER ATV http://www.superatv.com RCV AXLES http://www.rcvperformance.com MADRAM11 Clothing http://madram11productions.com Clayton Hollingsworth has built one unique ride. This custom built buggy features Independent suspension the back and the front and also has rear steering. It is powered by a Ecotec engine from a Cobalt and has a Supercharger and Nitrous. Unfortunately in this video the computer wasn't letting the engine run right so thats why he struggled on the hill. Once Clayton gets the bugs worked out this should be one fast and smooth buggy.