Yamaha powered dune buggy at the drags?

Thought I would take my dune buggy to the street drags at SpeedWorld in Surprise AZ. At this event I had a 3.2L Yamaha V-6 out of a Ford Taurus SHO in her with a M-90 Eaton Roots style blower bolted to the side of the block, and pushing 8 psi. I don't have street tires for her so I ran with my BF Goodrich Mud Terrains. Didn't have a bottle warmer for the 30 shot of Nitrous so I left it off. Fastest time of the night was a 12.49 @ 110mph

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Close call at the Sand Drags in Glamis Sand Dunes Ca.
Fix a flat at the Glamis Dunes Sand Drags. This buggy almost rolled and took out a motorcycle after his tire popped off the bead. Video taped in Glamis sand Dunes Imperial Dunes Ca. New Years weekend 2014. Caution: DO NOT try this without the proper training! BUT, here is a fast way to set a tire bead if your in a pinch in the desert. Again, this is very dangerous and could result in injury without proper training.

Sho dune buggy
This is a engine out of a 89 ford taurus SHO.This is only the second one ever to have been taped or have a pic taken so as far as i know this is only the second one ever built and soon to be the first one ever to have twin turbos in a buggy.This buggy is 100% built not bought like all these other people who pay 100+K for a 4 seater and think they are bad ass then when they break down they are going home since they dont know how to fix crap this buggy can easily smoke all of those 4 seater expensive pos's check out the other viedos on youtube of the first ever built one it dusts a ls1 without a issue this viedo was taken during fathersday at the little sahara state park

10 sec street buggy
turbo buggy from puerto rico

Off Road SHO wheelie
Too much torque and traction.