Alpinestar WP Fastback Commuting Riding Shoes Waterproof Riding shoes of Alpinestars. Black silver WP fastback review

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SELFIE VIDEO OF MY BIKE: Yamaha GP One Make Race - Bringing out the racer in you
Yamaha GP One Make Race is yearly of road racing where we discover champions from 9 major cities all over the Philippines. It is the biggest and most prestigious race series in the country. The champions will compete for the Asean cup and a chance to MotoGP stardom. Sanctioned by NAMSSA with state of the art safety equipment with international FIM standards, organized by Sonicboom Motorsports. Official sponsors are NGK, Threebond and Racingboy.

POLICE KICKED motorcyclist, and walked LiKE A BOSS !
Traffic police kicked a motorcyclist like a boss #:-)

AHM M1 exhaust Quick Rev Test ( aka jing jing ) :-D
Jing Jing - is an act of quickly reving up your engine while on a traffic stop, simply means you want to test your bike with the other bike :D (revolution rpm quickness test)

Sniper mx 150kph and other Sniper
just testing friends snipers