1973 AMC AMX Javelin Muscle Car Pierre Cardine

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138 DFW 1973 AMC Javelin

Tricycle. My velomobile 21 speed recumbent type bicycle.
How to build the tricycle part 4. My tricycle 21 speed recumbent type bike. Really cool and easy project i was planing to tackle for long time. It was put together from few old bicycles with almost no money spent at all. I have bunch of people asking about plans. Don't have the plans for the trike. It is all in my head but it is 35 inch wide X 80 inch. long (from rear tire with 28 inch wheel on the back to the center of the sprocket) and 42 inch wheel base. The seat is 12 inches from the ground but i would go lower few inches. The whole trike came in at 54 pounds. Hope this helps. Update: I had many questions about the axles i used for this trike. I found the wheels with axles from the kids bicycle trailer. It is normal trailer you tow two kids behind the bike. The axles nice and strong and comes with the pin. The nice part about them is i can pop the pins out and remove the front wheels and the back wheel and the seat you can remove as easily in few minutes for easy transportation.

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1973 Javelin Video
Just a little video that i made for a senior project. Thought i would share. Enjoy