Toyota Solara Drag Race Mike

SolaraGuy, Tri-State Dragway Mini Meet.

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350Z vs. Solara
Now for an even run. Patrick in my car now and all the weight in my back (tools, cleaning supplies, golf clubs, jack)allowed him to come back on me. All excuses :-) DEFINITELY close races.

Toyota FT-1 being unloaded at Irvine Cars & Coffee
Vehicle is powered by electric motors. There is no engine officially confirmed by Toyota for the ft-1. There is no real confirmation that this will be a production car. (at the time of writing this description, 7-25-15)

Toyota Keyless Remote Programming
Programming a keyless remote transmitter on a Toyota / Lexus vehicle with factory installed keyless entry and alarm. This procedure should work on Toyota's made in the late 90's to the early 2000's, such as the Toyota Solara, Camry, Tacoma, Tundra, Sequoia, Sienna, Highlander and Avalon. This procedure will not work on vehicles with a dealer installed remote, i.e. with a service button / LED on the driver side of the dash-board, such as those with the RS3000 / RS3200 system. Programming the remote involves cycling the locks and ignition. If the vehicle does not enter programming mode or the locks fail to cycle, it could be a worn lock actuator. Try cycling the locks manually instead of using the power lock button switch on the door.

solara drag car
toyota solara drag car 2jz powered 7 sec pass bmp 8/12/06