Vector Motorsports G8 (No Converter Necessary) Cam Kit - Idle

VMS Camshaft Kit at idle. This kit replaces the AFM system on the G8 with heavy duty LS3 parts. We use a custom billet Comp Cam with Dual Valve Springs and Hardened Pushrods. Peak gains were 67 HP & 57 LB/FT Torque. The car tested has Kooks Full length headers with HF Cats and a New Era OTR intake.

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G8 GT first start with new VMS stage 1.5 cam 02/12/11
Created on February 12, 2011 using FlipShare.

Heads/Cam Vette vs Maggie G8 @ OIR
Greggs Magnacharged G8 Vs Coreys Heads/Cam Corvette.

G8 GT idle, cruise, and WOT with VMS Stage 1.5 cam, untuned
Created on February 13, 2011 using FlipShare.

Grand Sport C6 Vette on dyno at Vector Motorsports