Vector Motorsports G8 (No Converter Necessary) Cam Kit - Idle

VMS Camshaft Kit at idle. This kit replaces the AFM system on the G8 with heavy duty LS3 parts. We use a custom billet Comp Cam with Dual Valve Springs and Hardened Pushrods. Peak gains were 67 HP & 57 LB/FT Torque. The car tested has Kooks Full length headers with HF Cats and a New Era OTR intake.

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G8 GT VMS 2.5 Cam, Heads Cold Startup
Cold Startup of an 09 G8 GT with Vector Motorsports Stage 2.5 Cam, Ported Heads, Yank SS3200 Torque Converter, 1 7/8 American Racing Headers, Magnaflow Axlebacks, Vararam Cold Air Intake, Vector Motorsports 93 Octane Tune, 440rwhp / 380rwtq

G8 Cam Test Drive
217/225 114LC Ground +4 .323"/.318 Lobe lift. Cam is great, has a little bit of a "sowing machine" sound under the hood but nothing scarry. Just typical of a aggressive .600 lift cam. Still looking to see the reliability of the valve train with DOD still in place and functioning. Runs strong to 6300. Ran 12.50's @112 with DA @1300ft on stock 18" Goodyears A/S tires.

G8 GT idle, cruise, and WOT with VMS Stage 1.5 cam, untuned
Created on February 13, 2011 using FlipShare.

Pontiac G8 GT VMS Cam, full Kooks exhaust
This is my 2008 Pontiac G8 GT Car has Vector Motorsports 1.5 cam, Full Kooks Exhaust w/"1 3/4 headers, midpipe, and axlebacks, Volant intake and Pat G tune.