Mercedes Wrapped Gold - Sweet Wrap

We meet up with the Prestige guys to watch them wrap a Mercedes gold! [re-upload] Subscribe to FFF - ----------Join the FFF community---------- FFFacebook: FFF Twitter: FFF Google+:

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White Mercedes C63S AMG wrapped Chrome Gold
This Mercedes C63S AMG is now one of 4 Chrome Gold wrapped cars owned by Siva. It stands out on it's own, turning up with his whole Chrome Gold fleet was dazzling! Good luck with those Gold Diggers! :: THIS Chrome Gold C63 VIDEO :: » :: SIVAS OTHER GOLD CARS :: » » » :: CAR WRAPS PLAYLIST :: » :: SIVA :: » :: YIANNIMIZE :: » » » » Yianni » Mikey » Nicco » Mark » Alex » Mike » Pav » Brandon » Kiran » Harry » Gus » Thanks for watching the Yiannimize Channel. If you liked this video you may also like videos by Shmee150, Salomondrin, Seen Through Glass, Car Throttle, Supercars Of London and Mo Vlogs.

LORINSER: Mercedes-Benz S65 Chromed Out Body Wrap W221 Too much? Pretty neat later model Mercedes-Benz S65 W221 chromed out wrap job, with pretty huge wheels, super low profile tires, and Lorinser body components. Follow Us Below:

Wrapping a car, Pros/Cons and Price
This video will tell you why you should wrap your vehicle, along with costs, and how to care for your wrap.

Avery Dennison Conform Chrome - Fender
This is a video of Justin Pate applying Avery Dennison's new Conform Chrome at the ISA sign show in Orlando (March 2012). The video demonstrates the how this chrome can conform to a vehicle without whitening or wrinkles. The adhesive liner is the same as the 1005 easy apply rs films which makes Conform Chrome very easy to apply. * Please note that this chrome is for for use as accent pieces on a car such as door handles, mirrors and striping. Covering large sections of a vehicle such as this fender is in most states illegal so when applying Avery Conform Chrome please adhere to local regulations.