Honda CRX KBS Non Vtec 224 whp 9500 RPM Dyno y Track Day URC

B20 Non Vtec 224 whp Julio Bravo Built kBS eCtuned

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KBS CR-X 1/4 mille B20 non vtec at the track inside video
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Daniel's CRX | EE8 Dohc Vtec
Follow me on facebook: Engine: Engine: B16a1 236xxx B16a2 Valvecover OEM Wrinkle Red Skunk2 Sparkplug cover Skunk2 Solenoid cover 4-2-1 RVS header (unknown brand) Tegiwa Whale Penis SRS de-cat Skunk2 mega power catback interior: ITR Recaro's (DC2)Black Genuine Takata Race Seatbelts OEM EE8 Electric Windows OEM EE8 Stearingwheel OEM EF8 3th Brakelight Remote CV Skunk2 Gearknob Type-R Shiftboot Extorior: Grand Prix White paint (s2000/nsx) OEM EE8 Spoiler OEM EE8 Mirrors OEM Honda Access Window Visors J's Racing Replica PU lip chassis: BC Racing BR-RS coiloverkit 282 mm Nitrac brakes ITR 96 spec calipers Goodridge RVS Brakelines Rota Grid 16" Gunmetal Skunk2 Black series lugnuts Skunk2 Strutbart (Back-upper) B-Merk Strutbar (Back-lower) Yes this video has many effects but that was my planning for this video... i hope this isnt too much and i would appreciate a feedback in the comments! I want to thank Daniel and wessel for driving 2 hours!! for a shoot!

211 whp !! LS 1.8 Engine with ITBs 9500 rpm non vtec power
Got some problems tuning with LS base map over 8000 rpm, need another basemap to get the real power 211 whp.... Non vtec power!