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Daewoo Cielo 0-190 like a Veyron

Daewoo Cielo 0-190 1.6 motor de opel astra, dar nu este reala a fost doar o inspirate pe moment cand schimbam placutzele de farna ... :-)) este amuzant accelerarea de Veyron in Cielo =) si daca nu va plae nu dati comment aiurea mersi mult It is a fake, it was just an inspiration when I worked on the cars brake and I though it will be funny to make a video of an extreme acceleration Cielo vs Veyron Muhahaah =))


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0-100 km/h

Daewoo Nexia High Speed, Daewoo Cielo max speed, Daewoo Heaven Max Speed
A Daewoo Racer egy alsó középkategóriás autó, melyet a dél-koreai Daewoo Motor gyártott 1986 és 1994 között. Helyét 1994-ben a Daewoo Nexia vette át, mely csak nevében és formatervében volt eltérő, műszakilag azonban teljesen megegyezett a Racerrel. A Nexiát 1997-ben a kiskategóriáa Daewoo Lanos és a középkategóriás Daewoo Nubira vette át, kivéve Üzbegisztánban, ahol jelenleg is folyik a négyajtós szedán változat gyártása a közép-ázsiai piac számára. Mint minden korábbi Daewoo, a Racer is Opel terveken alapult. A kocsi a General Motors T jelű alvázára épült, csakúgy, mint az Opel Kadett E, melytől karosszériáját is kapta. A két kocsi olyannyira megegyezett egymással, hogy külsőleg tulajdonképpen csak a márkajelzés különböztette meg őket. A Nexia felépítése szintén ugyanilyen maradt, mindössze a karosszéria formavilága vált modernebbé. Az egyes piacokon eltérő nevei voltak az autónak, a Racert egyes országokban Asüna GT-nek, Asüna SE-nek, Daewoo LeMansnak, Daewoo 1.5i-nek, Daewoo Fantasynek, Daewoo Pointernek, Passport Optimának és Pontiac LeMansnak is hívták. A Nexia Daewoo Cielo és Daewoo Heaven néven is ismert volt. The Daewoo LeMans/Racer is a compact car, first manufactured by Daewoo Motors in South Korea between 1986 and 1994. It was replaced by the facelifted Daewoo Cielo—a car mechanically identical to the LeMans, differentiated only by its modified styling cues. The Cielo was subsequently replaced by the subcompact Daewoo Lanos and the compact Nubira in 1997, except in some Central Asian markets for which production of the four-door continues in Uzbekistan. Like all Daewoos preceding it, the LeMans took its underpinnings from a European Opel design. In the case of the LeMans, the GM T platform-based Opel Kadett E was the donor vehicle, essentially just badge engineered into the form of the LeMans, and later as the Cielo after a second more thorough facelift. In markets outside of South Korea, the original version of the car bore the Asüna GT, Asüna SE, Daewoo 1.5i, Daewoo Fantasy, Daewoo Pointer, Daewoo Racer, Passport Optima and Pontiac LeMans names. The original Opel donor car had also been badge-engineered for the United Kingdom market as the Mark II Vauxhall Astra in hatchback form and Vauxhall Belmont as a saloon. The LeMans was updated in 1994 and renamed the Daewoo Cielo in South Korea and some other international markets; the "LeMans" nameplate was not used at all for the facelifted model. Five-door hatchback models exported to Europe were badged Daewoo Nexia with the Daewoo Racer name used seemingly at random on various bodystyles. The Daewoo Heaven name has also been used.

500 hp Volvo FH 12 Truck driving in hungary
volvo fh 12, 500 hp from Brasov (ro) to Ercsi (hu) Biharkeresztes / Bors border to Budapest. start on road 42 to Puspokladany than you go left on road 4 to Albertisza here you go on road 405, and you have max. 10 km to M5 highway It was a rainy day then 2008 Dec. 03 I still miss trucking but soon I will be back on the European highways whit a new truck :-) and then make some new videos for YouTube... take care guys

Daewoo Nexia turbo - First time turbo @ Toca 17.1seg - Cielo
Pimer vez turbo@Toca a 2.600 m.s.n.m.

CIELO FUN - O plimbare fara toba finala ( 1.5 OHC 99' )
Daewoo Cielo fara toba finala

Daewoo Cielo ( Nexia ) speed test.
Imi iubesc CIELO! :) / I love my CIELO (NEXIA) !

deawoo nexia /cielo 0-150
moja nexia od 0-150

Cielo 0-180

Cristi's low cielo

Cielo GSI acceleration 0-176 km/h

Homonyik Sandor Otthon varnak rad (they wait for you at home)
Homonyik Sandor Otthon varnak rad, hungarian music the best off Homonyik they wait for you at home, I'l try to translate this song for you guys. -anywhere your journey is up to, anything which push you forward. -and if you are called by the light of the future -they wait for you at home -anything you become, some people always will forgive you -if your hopeless, or scared -they wait for you at home -on the way of your big journey, you pass threw all hell on earth -to win or loose -they wait for you at home -who says that, if you have some problems -tell me my son what's bothering you? -tell me what dose it mean?, why it is so saint for eternity ? - .. waiting for you at home, hiding all troubles and sadness form you -to fined calm, after many hard years - to fined peas -they wait for you at home -who says that, if you have some problems -tell me my son what's bothering you? -so rarely they see us, so proud of us they are -our father and mother's -tell me what dose it mean?, why it is so saint for eternity ? -who says that, if you have some problems -tell me my son what's bothering you? so rarely they see us, so proud of us they are, our father and mother's -tell me what dose it mean?, why it is so saint for eternity ? OK, I did my best, it is not the best but it should do the job to understand this song, and sorry for my English. take care know, hope you like it.

Intalnire Club Cielo Romania - Brasov 2010. ClubCielo.ro
Intalnire Cielo Club Romania - Brasov 6-8 august 2010 Camping Darste. Au participat membrii din Timisoara, Neamt, Brasov, Galati, Braila, Prahova, Ialomita, Bucuresti. www.ClubCielo.ro On Facebook: http://groups.to/cieloclubromania/

Dacia Logan 1.4 MPI vs Cielo in trafic
Dacia Logan vs Cielo in trafic....Soferi nebuni pe drumurile romaniei!!! Dacia Logan: motor 1.4MPI stock + 4 persoane Daewoo Cielo: motor 1.5(nush de care) + 2 persoane! SCOPUL filmuletului este de a arata: INCOSTIENTA SOFERILOR pe drumurile publice si NU compararea celor 2 masini!!! ...upload-erul nu este prezent in acest clip; nu ia parte la cursa, si nu are nici un fel de legatura cu cei participanti la aceasta nebunie!!! Cine doreste piesa din clip, download: http://www.4shared.com/file/cHpMKXsu/Technotronic_-_Get_Up__The_98_.html (Technotronic - Get Up '98 (Clubbing Mix) - este piesa din fundalul clipului).

Daewoo Nexia (Cielo) Turbo, 13 segundos, primera vez en pista
Mas videos en www.stcolombia.com

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