Russian police kill 8 in Dagestan

Russian police kill 8 in Dagestan.Eight suspected Islamist militants have been killed by Russian police in the southern region of Dagestan.Russian authorities said the operation was the bloodiest for several months in Dagestan, where security forces have been been battling a low-level insurgency linked to Islamist radicals.

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Приёмка блатных (работа ОМОНа)

2010 - Yugoslav Army kills the Albanian terrorists 1999 - (152mm Field Gun Howitzer M84 NORA)
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Russian special purpose regiments or Spetsnaz / 18+, horror, death, blood , murder. MUSIC: Paul Oakenfold - Zoo York

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During the early stage of the Russian invasion in 1999 a group of Mujaheddin retreats from an area being shelled. On another front close to Dagestan, fighters show a Russian armored car knocked out with rockets. Filmed by: Peter, Hugin & Munin Films