Russian police kill 8 in Dagestan

Russian police kill 8 in Dagestan.Eight suspected Islamist militants have been killed by Russian police in the southern region of Dagestan.Russian authorities said the operation was the bloodiest for several months in Dagestan, where security forces have been been battling a low-level insurgency linked to Islamist radicals.

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Штурм террористов

Spetznaz Kill Two Militants in Dagestan
March 22 2011. Spetznaz kill two militants responsible for murdering a local bailiff after they are discovered in an abandoned house in a village in the Kani Kulliskaya district. Two pistols were recovered from the scene, including one stolen from a police officer.

Two against an army (Dagestan 2008)
Rappani Khalilov and Nabi Nabiyev fighting for whole day and night against hundreds of Russian elite troops.

Chechen Mujaheddin in Defence, 1999
During the early stage of the Russian invasion in 1999 a group of Mujaheddin retreats from an area being shelled. On another front close to Dagestan, fighters show a Russian armored car knocked out with rockets. Filmed by: Peter, Hugin & Munin Films