ford focus 2.5 v6 svt contour engine swap

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First Startup of 3L Swapped SVT Contour 1/27/13
Car is a 1999 Ford SVT Contour, engine is (mostly) from a 2005 Mazda Tribute. This is the very first key turn with spark after cranking a few times to build oil and fuel pressure. Fired up immediately into a fast idle, then after a couple minutes settled into a very lumpy, sputtering idle. Once I get it road worthy I'll have to see if it's drivable enough to make it to a tuner under its own power!

Elfrosth - Ford Focus TURBO 350hp
Elfrosth - Ford Focus SVT Clone RS Full Version turbo zx3 W0QQAdIdZ297206415

98.5 SVT Contour 3L Exhaust
just finished a 3L in my 1998.5 CSVT, 04 escape 3L + way more...this is just a teaser of more to come ~ Yes I know, car is dirty, Its been in the garage since September 2010. ~ This video doesnt do justice as to how loud this car really is