ford focus 2.5 v6 svt contour engine swap

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Top 7 Engine SWAPS
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Ford Tuned Duratec V6 Startup
3 litre V6 Duratec engine rebuilt with ported heads, balanced crankshaft, ST200 Cams, K1 rods and CP pistons. Only have the manifolds connected so far- no cat/silencer/backbox. First time running so the B2 Bomber will need run in a little longer before she sees some real revs.

Modified 2003 Ford Focus SVT - One Take
There was a time before Ford's fast cars all had turbochargers and set the standard for manic, Boosted fun. In the early 2000's, Ford's SVT Focus looked more like a Honda Civic SI than a VW GTI. With a free-revving 2.0L engine, a six-speed gearbox, and a steering rack so good, SVT installed it into the 2005 Ford GT, the SVT Focus is an under appreciated, lively performer in a world cluttered with boring cars. Check out the whole mod list on Wheelwell!

First Startup of 3L Swapped SVT Contour 1/27/13
Car is a 1999 Ford SVT Contour, engine is (mostly) from a 2005 Mazda Tribute. This is the very first key turn with spark after cranking a few times to build oil and fuel pressure. Fired up immediately into a fast idle, then after a couple minutes settled into a very lumpy, sputtering idle. Once I get it road worthy I'll have to see if it's drivable enough to make it to a tuner under its own power!