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Mom's Reaction to 1250WHP Twin Turbo Gallardo
RIDE IN THIS CAR: So I mounted up a hidden GoPro camera and took my mom for her first ride in my 1250WHP Twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo by Underground Racing. The result was priceless and I almost feel bad posting this, but you know I had to. Love you Mom! Hahaha Instagram:

E46 M3: Grandads Reaction.
Took the old man out for a spin in my brother M3, seemed to enjoy it.

Dads reaction when boost builds
My dad was talking to me when he panicked and went paisa on me lol. I was driving my built 92 Nissan 300zx Twin turbo. My car started fish tailing when Boost spiked.

Kenne Bell Cobra vs HPF Turbo M3
Raw Footage Interesting to watch, but if you're looking for the runs go to 2:40 and 3:55