1968 Dodge Dart

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68 Dart 340 4 Speed Run
My 1968 Dart after I transformed it from a slant 6 auto to a car with a 1968 340 that I built myself, 4 speed manual trans., and an 8.75, with 3:91 ratio limited slip diff. In the beginning, the first car you see pass by is a COP! I waited a few seconds for him to get down the road a ways before I took off. Sorry about the poor sound quality from the camera.

68 dodge dart
dodge dart

1968 Dodge Dart GTS
1968 Dodge Dart GTS 340 4 speed, J heads, 2.02, 1.60 valves MP 508 292 Purple Shaft Running through Flowmasters. Work in Progress. Full body restoration and paint by Jerry's Auto Caft in Downers Grove IL

1968 dodge dart
First start up, and some little burnouts/pulls too:)